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Car Hire Malaga Airport

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  • B - Ford Ka or similar

     Car Hire Malaga Ford Ka or similar

    4 3 1 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    115 gCO2/km

    8,57 €/day
    (59,97 € 7 days)
  • C - Hyundai I-10 or similar

     Car Hire Malaga Hyundai I-10 or similar

    4 3 1 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    114 gCO2/km

    8,70 €/day
    (60,90 € 7 days)
  • C1 - Ford Fiesta or similar

    Ford Fiesta or similar
    Ford Fiesta or similar
    OPEL Corsa C´MON 5P
    OPEL  Corsa C´MON 5P or similar
    HYUNDAI - I20
    HYUNDAI - I20 or similar
    Volkswagen Polo Advance
    Volkswagen Polo Advance or similar

    5 5 2 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    129 gCO2/km

    8,86 €/day
    (62,00 € 7 days)
  • D - Ford Focus or similar

    Ford Focus or similar
    Ford Focus or similar
    HYUNDAI I30 5P
    HYUNDAI I30 5P or similar
    NISSAN NOTE or similar

    5 5 2 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    136 gCO2/km

    12,71 €/day
    (88,94 € 7 days)
  • L - Citroen Berlingo or similar

    Citroen Berlingo or similar
    Citroen Berlingo or similar
    FIAT DOBLO PANORAMA or similar

    5 3 4 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    150 gCO2/km

    14,13 €/day
    (98,93 € 7 days)
  • E - Ford Focus C-Max or similar

    Ford Focus C-Max or similar
    Ford Focus C-Max or similar
    SEAT - Altea XL Start&Stop ECO Reference
    SEAT - Altea XL Start&Stop ECO Reference or similar
    OPEL Meriva Selective
    OPEL Meriva Selective or similar

    5 5 2 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    110 gCO2/km

    19,86 €/day
    (138,99 € 7 days)
  • Q1 - Volkswagen Transporter or similar

     Car Hire Malaga Volkswagen Transporter or similar

    9 4 4 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    182 gCO2/km

    56,99 €/day
    (398,94 € 7 days)
  • No hay disponibilidad entre el 26/02/2016 y 26/02/2016. Disculpen las molestias.

    Q - Nissan Evalia 5+2 places

     Car Hire Malaga Nissan Evalia 5+2 places

    5 5 3 Manual transmission Manual transmission

    169 gCO2/km

    55,56 €/day
    (388,94 € 7 days)

Why hire a car in Malaga?

Car Hire Malaga Airport

Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by thick hills, Malaga is located in an exceptional setting within the Iberian Peninsula. Right in the Costa del Sol, this tourist leading province in Andalucia offers pleasant temperatures all year round, so that it can be fully enjoyed in all four seasons.

Record Go certainly wants to become part of this tourist experience, where sea and mountain join to offer a great variety of routes that can be discovered in one of our rental cars.

The journey starts in the very Malaga Airport, where you get to choose from our large fleet of rental vehicles; the vehicle that best fits your needs. After walking around the city’s old part of town and enjoying the typical gastronomy of Malaga namely the Porra Antequerana (part of the gazpacho family) or the fried fish, it can be the perfect moment to relax by the sea.

The Penon del Cuervo Beach, a few miles away from downtown Malaga, is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a peaceful atmosphere, far away from crowds. Also, in Nerja and the Herradura, you can find the Maro Beach, which is the perfect choice for scuba-diving lovers.

Last but not least, this Andalucian city surprises us with a large number of beaches with great tourist appeal namely the Santa Amalia Beach in Fuengirola, the Artola Beach in Marbella or the Rada Beach in Estepona—all of them are accessible with a vehicle. So, whatever your dream beach is, you best believe Malaga has it for you. Once you have enjoyed the beauty of the Costa del Sol, do not forget to drive back to the interior to visit emblematic places such as Filigrana, Ronda or Antequera, just to name a few.