7" Samsung Tablet + WiFi + GPS + Experiences
All you need for your vacations combined in one single device

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GoPad (7’’ Samsung Tablet + WiFi + GPS + Experiences)

All you need for your vacations combined in one single device

  • Built-in GPS navigation system. Maps available even without connection.Complete navigation system that also works in places without internet coverage
  • Wi-Fi network to connect up to five devices at the same time MiFi function: wireless router to give internet access to devices connected to its network
  • Internet with unlimited dataInternet connection without data download limit
  • Unique experiences: travel and shopping guide and travel tips. Information on excursions, places of interest, gastronomy and leisure.
  • Compatibility: compatible with any device with WiFi.
  • Browsing speed: 4G
  • Simultaneous connections: up to 5 devices
  • Free games Enjoy playing the most popular games!
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