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Discover the things that will not happen to you in Ibiza no matter how much you are one of those who do not enjoy traveling. And this island is the ideal place for those who think that a vacation is not that bad either. Having fun will be inevitable.

1. Having a coffee overlooking a roundabout

2. Not overusing your camera

3. Getting bored

4. Not finding a place where you can take a picture, upload it on Facebook with the caption “this is how I suffer in life”

5. Eating frozen products

6. Strolling around boring streets

7. Swimming on dirty waters

8. Struggling for a beach spot

9. Getting tired of the white color

10. Being stressed out

11. Drinking boring stuff

12. Going to bead early

And the thing is that for something it is one of the most requested destinations for a getaway weekend or for summer vacation days. Any corner of the island already seems to be an essential place that you cannot stop visiting and enjoying.

For this reason, one of the preferred options to get around for everyone who visits the island is car hire at Ibiza airport.

The possibility of knowing each of the towns in Ibiza, experiencing their contrasts and verifying that it is certainly difficult for all these things in the ranking to come to pass.

Take advantage of the car rental deals and get to know, for example, charming and essential corners of Santa Eulalia del Río in Ibiza. Do not think about it!

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