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They say the way we react to extreme situations defines who we are as people. In those moments, where your life is on the line, we do react in ways you never imagined you would do.

Well, road trips are one of those moments. Traveling with friends is one of those intense experiences where you get to know the best and the worst from ourselves.

From the very moment we hop in the vehicle to start the journey, every traveler in the group assumes–more of less consciously–an specific role that might live with them for the rest of their lives.

Como expertos en viajes, hemos elaborado una lista de perfiles que no pueden faltar en un roadtrip, para que nos cuentes con cuál te sientes más identificado:

As traveling experts, we have created a list of profiles that will always be present in a road trip, so that you can tell us which one you relate to:


  1. The explorer

This person has a lot of initiative. When you get lost or you are just not sure about which direction you should follow, this person will definitely be the first one to take out a map and talk to the first pedestrian he/she finds. Neither the most adverse atmospheric conditions nor exhaustion, even the embarrassment to ask a stranger will be able to prevent this person from achieving his/her goal, and that is, going back to the group with the right direction or itinerary so that the road trip can be resumed.



  1. The planner

In small groups, the explorer and the planner roles can sometimes merge. Nonetheless, the planner can always be identified because he/she will always have a Google Calendar with him/her. And, besides, they always have an answer for everything. They do know all the gas stations, restaurants and places of interest you all will encounter in your road trip. This person knows exactly where is the nearest hotel and the number of bags of chips there are in the vehicle’s trunk. This person also knows if someone got lost and organizes the group’s pictures. This is an underrated profile but, at the same time, a very important one in a road trip.




  1. The follower

This is the perfect partner in a road trip: he/she always smiles and everything is perfect for him/her. Also, this person brings good vibes to the group. However, you do not want to ask this person if we are on the right street or not, he/she will have no clue. This person simply follows the planner and the explorer. Sometimes, he/she accompanies the explorer to ask for directions and give him/her some support, yet he/she is incapable to retain the information after ten seconds. This person can easily get lost in big urban environments.



  1. The city fish

He/she is the definition of a city person. It is rather easy to identify them–if you are planning of making an excursion far away from the civilization and the big city…and the Wi-Fi. You will soon witness how scared this person gets with the flora and fauna he/she encounters, namely bugs, goats, seaweed or excursionists who combine stripes and squares.



  1. The whiner

It always is way too hot or too cold for the whiner; he will always be too tired after strolling around during the morning. The place you want to go to will always be too far by foot, and if you use your car, parking close to the destination will always be a pain in the you-know-what. Make no mistake; it can be good to have someone around you who gives you reality checks so that going back to the normal routine does not become too tough. Whatever it is, do not let talk you out of renting a vehicle and discovering new places on Earth.



  1. The clumsy

From leaving the phone charged behind or not bringing the toothbrush/pyjamas. We all have this clumsy friend we keep mean mugging because he/she gets on our last nerve throughout the whole trip. This is the same person who will never have cash on him/her and, when you plan on going to the beach, he/she will leave the flip-flops at the hotel. If a follower gets with the clumsy it can be an explosive combination.



  1. Th selfie lover

Visiting places and discovering new ways to understand the world is not the most important. For the selfie lover, the real purpose of a road trip is to take pictures in every single corner he/she is, every meal he/she has, every sunset and cat he/she comes across to. The world has to know how amazing our road trip is and he/she will be in charge to let every soul on Earth know. The cell phone’s front camera is an extension of his/her arm and controls the art of hash tags.



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