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Are you planning your next holidays and wondering what are the best beaches in Spain? Then you have found the right article.

Beach holidays are the best, and Spain is a very popular destination for those who enjoy soaking up the sun. There are many amazing options available, so you may want to take the time to look around and explore until you decide which beach you like best.

Before you start making plans, there’s a key decision you have to make: North or South?


Check the Spanish coast map before looking for best beaches in Spain


When you look at the map of Spain, you will notice there are two coastal areas in this country: up north from Vigo to Bilbao, and down South (across to the East), from Huelva to Barcelona.

These areas are completely different, so you may want to consider which you prefer before looking at the available beaches:

– If you want a broader geological diversity and prefer a more humid climate, then head out to the North.

– If you’re purely interested in sunny beaches and hot dry weather, then you want to head down South.

Now let’s look at your best available options on each side:


These are the best beaches in Spain, up north


Playa de la Concha (San Sebastián) – if you like having many options available (aside from just laying flat on the sand) you’ll appreciate this beach; Concha is Spanish for shell, and you’ll find plenty of those while combing through the ample, flat stretches of sand… and when you want a change of pace, you’ll enjoy paddling around the peaceful waters and exploring the surrounding castle and monuments.

Playa de la Magdalena (Santander) – when you want to enjoy a natural beach surrounded with lush forests, featuring a dedicated sports area and a soothing atmosphere… come to playa the la Magdalena and get away from the other excessively crowded beaches in this area.

Playa del Silencia (Asturias) – here’s another natural beach that has so much more to offer than just a place in the sun; you’ll find the surrounding vistas are especially impressive, with its towering cliffs and surrounding forests… you may also appreciate the fact it’s not possible to drive directly to the shore, and you’ll have to do a bit of hiking (not even half a mile) to get there.


List of best beaches in southern Spain


Playa de la Victoria ( Cadiz) – a postcard-perfect Mediterranean beach with landscapes that will make you so happy, you’ll want ot cry; located at walking distance from the historic city center, where you’ll be able to enjoy excellent seafood and local treats.
Bogatell (Barcelona) – this is the beach favored by natives who want to avoid the chaos of the touristic-centric and more popular Barceloneta beach; by comparison, Bogatell features all of the benefits and fewer touristic traps.

Playa de las Arenas (Valencia) – widely known for its amazing and beautiful sand (that’s arenas, in Spanish), this beach also features healing centers famous for wave baths; there are long stretches of calm, shallow water here, making it a perfect beach if you have children. For example, places with special charm like the island of Tabarca.

East Side Beaches (Marbella) – located in the heart of Costa del Sol and the coast of Malaga, these beaches are a hotspot for celebrities and rich people from all walks of life… but you will find it’s also surprisingly peaceful and very well-balanced, in terms of facilities and attractions.


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If you want to really get to know the best beaches in Spain, you may find your best option is finding a good car rental service. It will be less expensive than using public transportation, and you’ll be able to roam around freely and explore the many glorious beaches at your own pace!


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