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Fuengirola owns a little portion of Madagascar, a little bit of South-East Asia and also a little bit of Equatorial Africa. All of these world’s portions are included in the Bioparc, which concentrates these three planet’s ecosystems aiming to accomplish its mission: becoming a Zoo-Immersion.

But, what is exactly zoo-immersion? It is a zoological park where the natural habitat is recreated in order to facilitate the development of the animals, as well as the visitor’s experience, which are both submerged between vegetation and water. Visitors can walk around the park near baobabs, Nile crocodiles and gorillas or, for instance, the serval, in a very naturalized and integrating fashion.


Lemur en el Bioparc de Fuengirola

Lemur at the Bioparc of Fuengirola

The Bioparc of Fuengirola and its fellow park in Valencia have created the Tropical Institute Foundation, and its goal is to promote the preservation of tropical forests, as well as cultures, countries and the people who live in them.

Visiting the Bioparc of Fuengirola is an outstanding experience we would definitely recommend for a family trip or even a weekend getaway in Malaga. Our household’s little ones learn while enjoying themselves, and besides, adults get to feel like little kids for a few hours.


Réplica de baobab en el Bioparc de Fuengirola

Baobab replica at the Bioparc of Fuengirola

Photos and more information at Bioparc of Fuengirola

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