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If you are visiting Malaga you should know what they call its coast, it’s known around the world as the Costa del Sol, which means literally ‘the sun’s coast’, all accessible on car rental Malaga airport. So now you can imagine even better how summer may be like down there, especially when you car rental Malaga airport. It’s one of the most popular summer destinations to spend the holidays, for both foreigners and Spaniards who arrive and car rental Malaga airport. And both without exception usually choose car rental Malaga airport because it’s a comfortable option to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

Malaga’s airport Pablo Ruiz Picasso, now called Málaga-Costa del Sol, is located in Churriana which is only 8 kilometres far from the city centre. So in case you car rental Malaga airport you will find very easy to get to your hotel in time in order to start your adventure as soon as possible. There’s no time to lose by the sun’s coast so make sure you car rental Malaga airport!

The good thing about the south of Spain is that no matter when you get your vacations, you will most certainly get to enjoy good weatherwherever you move around in your car rental Malaga airport. However, some regions during summer can get really hot. Most Spaniards who choose Malaga on their vacations turn to car rental Malaga airport especially for the temperatures. Imagine having to walk everywhere under the sun… on holidays! Of course it’s healthy, but it’s insane if you are looking forward to relaxing for a few days.


Best plans provided by car rental Malaga airport

Amongst the other regions in Andalucía, Malaga is probably the most complete one. It has everything to offer: beaches, cities, history, entertainment, people, gastronomy, tradition… all of them you can visit by car rental Malaga airport. These may be the reasons why Costa del Sol is the leading touristic area down in the south. Even though having a city center next to the beach may look artificial, if you car rental Malaga airport you will discover a lot of secret places and different beaches outside the city that you would never imagine.

A great plan for the day is to walk through the old town centre where you will get to know Malaga’s history from its heart if you car rental Malaga airport. You will be able to travel through time through all different cultures that have been leaving their trace along the last centuries. Afterwards it’s mandatory to go taste some real and typical dishes like berzas, porra antequerana or pescaíto frito (fried fish). And to finish the day the best way and digest all the food, go relax by the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Mediterranean Sea maybe by car rental Malaga airport.

Car rental Malaga airport will allow you to do this plan and many other routes. Another binding visit is Peñón del Cuervo beach which is near the city centre but not that close if you want to walk. Also, if you’d like to spend the whole day in this or another beach a little further, you won’t have to worry about the time you are getting back while you’re using car rental Malaga airport.

Usefulness of car rental Malaga airport

If you car rental Malaga airport from the first day, you will have enough time to experience everything around the city and even visit the closest regions and their respective beaches, which are also stunning. When going to the south of Spain it’s worth taking the chance to see the surroundings with car rental Malaga airport.

Not only you will thank moving around sitting with the AC of your car rental Malaga airport on, but you will realize the time you are saving from walking from one place to another. From a cosmopolitan city, to the beach and even the mountains. There are several hiking routes which you will have time to experience provided that you car rental Malaga airport.

Final tips for car rental Malaga airport

Don’t forget to book your car with time, and even more if you’re going on high season. Also remember that if you had any trouble with car rental Malaga airport we are by your side to give you a solution. And this would be all you need to know to enjoy this beautiful Andalusian region by the Mediterranean sea, you will come back for sure.


Car rental Malaga airport

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