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The Castle of Bellver in Palma de Majorca is located in a beautiful hill, only 3 kilometers away from Palma de Majorca. James II ordered the construction of this castle as a fortress and royal residence. The castle has a circular structure, unique in Spain at that time period, and it oversees the Palma Bay.

Bellver Mallorca

Castillo de Bellver

The Castle of Bellver went from a royal residence for James II in the 14th century to a coin factory in the 19th century. It is currently home to the History of the City Museum.

In addition, a lot of events are programmed inside its walls all throughout the year. Amongst the most important, we would highlight the traditional celebration of the Diada de l’Angel, with the the performance of the Castellers of Majorca at the castle’s Plaza de Armas the first Sunday after Easter.

Castellers Mallorca

Diada del Angel