Road trip through the Sorolla’s Mediterranean

The sea and the beach were his protagonists of the work of Joaquin Sorolla. Sorolla knew how to properly reflect, in the water he painted, the sheds of light and color experimented, depending on the moment of the day, the year’s season and the geography. This Valencian painter came from a humble family, nearby a fishermen neighborhood, in the late… Read more →

Isla de Tabarca Facebook

The island of Tabarca, the last inhabited island of the Valencian Community

22 kilometers off the Alicante coast, there is the last inhabited island of the Valencian Community, the Island of Tabarca, which had a population of 55 people in 2015. This is actually an archipelago, namely Tabarca, which is the biggest of them all, the small islands of La Cantera, La Galera and La Nao. It was baptized as Planesia by… Read more →

The 12 must do’s in Alicante

Located on the Costa Blanca, Alicante is one of the most important destinations of the Spanish coasts. The reasons why you should choose Alicante are pretty obvious: it has an international airport, low cost flights, a desirable climate for the most part of the year, a rich history and culture offer, port, amazing night-life, incredible beaches, an interesting recreational offer… Read more →

Enotourism in the Valencian Community: The Wine Route of Alicante

Our Record Go en Alicante Airport office co-worker, Angel Borrego, brought this interesting article about enotourism in the Valencian Community, where he stresses on the great wine heritage from Alicante and the surrounding areas. I have been curious for quite some time about great places in my surrounding area. The closest and simplest places, actually. Strangely enough, sometimes, we look… Read more →

La Terraza de la Alcazaba

5 terraces in Alicante for the springtime

Soho Parc Alicante Plaza de Elche, s/n. 03002 Alicante. Teléfono 647 82 11 22 This is a modernist kiosk with wicker furniture. It is located in a downtown plaza in the city of Alicante, surrounded by centennial rubber plants. It has a large menu of cocktails, coffees and ice creams. La Terraza de Amérigo Calle Rafael Altamira, 7. 03002… Read more →

Fuentes del Algar

7 springtime excursions in Alicante

Fuentes del Algar Natural setting with a great level of preservation of the ecologic wealth; at the same time it is fitted with great touristic services and environmental education. It is indeed an authentic theme park about the importance of water as an ecological, economic and cultural resource. The visit consists of a 1, 5-kilometer excursion throughout the Algar… Read more →