Castilla La Mancha

Road Trip through the Black Villages of Guadalajara

The so-called Black Villages take their name from their blackish appearance, in the most literal meaning of the word. These are villages where slate is rather abundant, that is why this rock has been traditionally used as a key element for their architecture, thus providing them this characteristic dark color. Thanks to the utilization of the available resources in its… Read more →

2014, The Year of The Greco. 400 years without Domenikos Theotokopoulos

Domenikos Theotokopoulos, also known as El Greco (The Greek), was born in Creta, where he lived for twenty six years. He developed himself in the world of arts of Byzantine influence. Later on, he spent 10 years in Italy, developing himself from the Renaissance and Mannerism until he moved out to Toledo, Spain. He spent the rest of his days in Toledo and this city was the stage in which he developed his masterpieces: large canvas for religious institutions and some portraits of great level. Read more →