The Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca: The Cathedral of the light

Atop of the Cliff where the ancient Roman city of Mallorca was born, and nearby the Palace of the Almudaina, shows off without complex the majestic Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca—also known as “La Seu”. This Mediterranean Gothic building seemed to arise from the sea in order to protect itself from the sailors and confront the invaders since it literally… Read more →

Not everything is going to be about the Palma Marathon: 5 plans to enjoy the island

On October 16th, the Palma Marathon. will be held in Palma de Mallorca. If you would also like to take the opportunity to discover the beautiful island of Majorca, you might want to check out our suggestions real quick. You will find the appropriate things to do for both before the very marathon days–where you will have more energy—and also… Read more →

8 things you have to eat in Mallorca that will blow your mind

If we think about Mallorca and food, the first thing that comes our minds are the ensaimadas (a typical pastry) and the sobrasada (typical sausage). There are also some other popular products in the island, namely butifarras (sausages), caracoles (snails) and bred with tomate sauce and/or olive oil–which is not the most sophisticated dish on Earth, but good Lord, we… Read more →

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6 springtime excursions in Mallorca

Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis This is just a classic excursion in Mallorca: the Paraje de Sa Calobra and The Torrent de Pareis, in the heart of Tramontana Mountain Range. The Torrent de Pareis is a three-kilometer canyon with 200-meter vertical walls that are eroded by the action of torrential rains on the calcareous rock throughout thousands of years.… Read more →