Enotourism in the Valencian Community: The Wine Route of Alicante

Our Record Go en Alicante Airport office co-worker, Angel Borrego, brought this interesting article about enotourism in the Valencian Community, where he stresses on the great wine heritage from Alicante and the surrounding areas. I have been curious for quite some time about great places in my surrounding area. The closest and simplest places, actually. Strangely enough, sometimes, we look… Read more →

8 things you have to eat in Mallorca that will blow your mind

If we think about Mallorca and food, the first thing that comes our minds are the ensaimadas (a typical pastry) and the sobrasada (typical sausage). There are also some other popular products in the island, namely butifarras (sausages), caracoles (snails) and bred with tomate sauce and/or olive oil–which is not the most sophisticated dish on Earth, but good Lord, we… Read more →

How to party at the Feria de Malaga like you are from Malaga

Feria de Málaga 2017   At Record Go, we have decided to become your personal Feria de Malaga advisors and, in order to do that, we selected a cast of expert co-workers and this is what they have to say: Dear co-workers, I would like to school you all about this patron saint festivities of this, our country. On this… Read more →