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Maybe you are planning on going to Palma de Mallorca or you are actually there now at a hotel overlooking the port by the time you read this.

Donde alojarse Palma de Mallorca

You might not know which place to visit by the time you have unpacked your suitcase. If you hit the street, you will soon see a stand to rent a bike: a gorgeous bike with a pannier; not actually for riding it fast, since the breeze will be take care of that, but to make you feel that your story begins.

bicicleta mallorca

Going through the wharf lane, you will get to the Antonio Maura Avenue, then to the wooded Passeig del Born and beyond, to the right, following those giant trees, through the Union Street and the Riera Street.

Puerto mallorca catedral

You are getting close. Look for Costa de la Pols, clench you teeth, turn right and you will see the Babel bookstore and its esthetic from old times. Buy a book from Amandine Aurore Lucile, have you heard about George Sand? Before leaving the place, order a tea and a glass of wine.

At the outdoor terrace, which a wooden platform set on a slope, with a castle behind you, read a few pages, nearby the stoned walls of the Parroquia de San Miguel (Church); feel the wonderful vital excess transmitted by his words, unknown by the majority of people and admired by numerous artists, such as Balzac, Edith Wharton, Henry James.

parroquia de san miquel palma de mallorca

 Read like you are the writer and forget about bright souvenirs and fridge magnets: these two hours you will never forget.

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