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Endesa has implemented ecaR, the first Club de Auto Carga Rápida, that allows the drivers to driver all around the island of Mallorca in an electric vehicle. The initiative has developed a commercial network of 6 quick charging points (80 % of the battery in less than 30 minutes). The network is well spread around the island so that the driver can carelessly enjoy the vehicle.

ecaR is a groundbreaking initiative in Spain that enables drivers to get more autonomy from their rental electric vehicles, as well as peace of mind and energy saving in every charge—essential aspects for the implementation of a sustainable mobility.

Being a member of ecaR guarantees a few advantages for the electric vehicle drivers:

1. You can forget about distances. The 6 quick charging points are located in different areas of the island, with an average distance of 35 kilometers between them. All of these points are interconnected, forming an intelligent network that allows the vehicle to be 80 % charged in less than 30 minutes.

2. Universal charging network. The points incorporate the three connectors that are currently in the market so that every single electric vehicle model can be charged, regardless of the manufacturer and whether it is continuous or alternating current.

3. You will not need cash money. With the member card you can use the charging points and the invoicing statement information at the end of the month.

4. Smartphone app. ecaR comes with a free app, available for both Android and iOS. The app will provide you with information about the nearest charging point, the best available route and a calculation of the moving distance. The members of the club can also book a charging in a particular charging point at the most convenient time. Furthermore, the app allows the user to visualize the charging history of the very vehicle made in the Endesa network.

Mapa Puntos de Recarga Rápida de EndesaecaR wants to cater to both the citizens of Palma de Mallorca who are users of the electric mobility as well as the visitors of the island (the island is visited by over 12 million people every year) who want to live the experience by , renting an electric vehicle in Mallorca.

For those of you who would like to rent an electric vehicle, Record Go has good news for you. We incorporated in mid 2015 the Nissan Leaf (100 % electric) to our fleet in Palma de Mallorca. This incorporation is in line with a public/private collaboration along with 5 other car rental companies, the Majorcan local government and the IDEA (Institute for the Diversification and Energy Saving) that have linked in order to make the electric mobility a reality in Mallorca.

Nissan Leaf 100% eléctrico en Record Go

The owners of an electric vehicle who wish to become a member of the Auto-Charging Club can visit the commercial Endesa office in Palma de Mallorca or to any of the 11 service points spread all over the island. After registering, you will get a welcome pack to start benefiting from the club’s advantages.

Endesa has partnered with some vehicle manufacturers the likes of Nissan, Renault and BMW; five car rental companies and gas stations, where you can find five out of the six charging points. The sixth one is located in the Endesa premises of the Power Station of Car’s Tresorer. ecaR is a project co-funded by the FEDER (European Regional Development Fund in English).

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