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Temperatures are going down and it seems like the winter has arrived in some part of Spain,so we’ve compiled some tips for driving in wintertime.

Although it sometimes can be inconvenient, it is time for the cold, the rain and the snow in our roads. Besides, in many cases, the ice can be present on the road.

Safety comes always first and it is extremely important to take the appropriate precautions when we are driving during the wintertime. The most important thing is to anticipate the potential problems. If you are planning on a road trip during the coldest days of the year and the weather is awful, we suggest you to follow these recommendations before you hit the road.

Tips for driving in wintertime.

Check your vehicle:

  1. Revise both the battery and the oil level.
  2. Make sure the both the heat system and the thermal windows work properly.
  3. Check the antifreeze level on the vehicle.
  4. Make sure the tires’ state and its pressure are adequate. These are actually our vehicle’s shoes.
  5. Fill up the tank with fuel.
  6. Make sure you carry the reflective vests, the warning triangles, a spare set of light bulbs and a spare tire. Also, be sure to bring winter clothes, a blanket, a fully-charged cell phone, water and a first-aid kit.
  7. If you do not have winter tires, do not forget to carry chains.

Check official information:

Always get the latest update about the road state and the weather prediction; you can never forget to respect speed limits and also avoid the difficult hours.

For more detailed information about the state of the roads, be sure to check the Traffic General Authority at www.dgt.es

If you happen to get trapped on the road, Civil Protection suggests the following:

– Make sure you stay in the vehicle with both the engine and the heat on.

– Make sure the exhaust pipe is unblocked at all moments.

– Do not fall asleep and pay attention to the news.

Once back on the road, slow down and keep a longer distance with other vehicles, also avoid overtaking other vehicles. If there is snow on the road, be sure to follow other vehicles’ path and drive smoothly; avoid breaking or sharp turns in order to gain a better control of the vehicle.

Always remember: arriving your destiny is what matters.