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The Palmeral of Elche is Europe’s biggest palm grove.

Back in the prehistory are, there were already palm trees in this place, notwithstanding the Arab presence in Spain did boost the presence of this tree in the country. Muslims organize the space into vegetable gardens and developed its crops.

Currently, this place has over 20.000 palm trees and is considered as historic and was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO since it is a cultural legacy from the East after their time on these lands. The watering system inherited by the ancient culture of Al-Andalus deserves to be preserved.

El Palmeral de Elche

The Palmeral of Elche. Photo

A visit around this palm tree forest offers a beautiful walk through some unique buildings and fountains of neo-Arab inspiration. To be taken into consideration is the Huerto del Cura (the vegetable garden of the priest), declared National Artistic Garden, and the Museum of the Palmeral.

The Route of the Palmeral goes through palm trees and centenary vegetable gardens.

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