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Ready for your holidays? Dispel your doubts with our answers to frequently asked questions about car hire.  


At last your holidays are here, and you’re getting ready to enjoy a few days off on your own, as a couple, with family or with friends. You’re clear about your destination and more or less your itinerary, but have doubts and questions about how to make sure your trip goes with as few hitches as possible, and also how to get the most out of your trip and your budget. 

It’s time to make decisions!  

No matter what your destination is, you’re thinking about being able to move around the city freely, with complete safety and guarantees, so you come to the conclusion that it might be best to hire a car. At Record go we know the amount of frequently asked questions about car hire you’re faced with, and that’s why we’re here to help you. So please keep reading!  


Some of the most important frequently asked questions about car hire 


1. Why hire? What are its advantages and benefits?  


To us they’re clear. Whatever the kind of trip – relaxation, adventure, etc. – and whatever your tastes, what we all look for in our holidays is to be able to disconnect. That’s why there’s nothing better than traveling comfortably and being able to move freely wherever you go; and of course, being able to fulfil your busy itinerary at your own pace.   

In this context, can you imagine going from train to train, from bus to bus or always by taxi? This last option would make your trip very expensive, while the rest would make you waste time and probably try your patience a lot… So maybe the perfect alternative is to hire your own vehicle, right?   

So now we can cross out the first of the frequently asked questions about car hire.  

Let’s continue!  


2. I don’t want to spend a lot of money, so which company offers me good service at the best price?  


One of the frequently asked questions about car hire par excellence.   

Yet seeking to optimise your trip and your budget is what leads you to us! At Record go we offer you the cheapest car rental rates on the market, and with the best cover at all times. You yourself can choose the rate that best suits your needs, and the cover that suits your requirements, so that you can forget about any worries during your trip. Hard to believe? You have all the information at your fingertips on our website!  



Frequently asked questions about car hire at Record go.  


Even so, we know there are frequently asked questions about car hire that will still haunt you, because you like to have every loose end well tied up. So do we! Which is why we want to resolve them before you start your trip   


Some of the most important frequently asked questions about car hire at Record go.  


1. I want to choose a car. Which one suits my needs best? 


To answer this question, the first thing you have to be clear about is the type of trip you are going on. Is it an adventure holiday? With snow? In the mountains? In this case, you may be interested in a sturdier vehicle, with a lot of interior space and above all with high clearance.   

In contrast, is it a city trip? In this case, a smaller and more accessible car should suit you, giving you room to manoeuvre in tight places.   

Another thing you should bear in mind when choosing your vehicle is the number of people you’re going to be. If there are two of you, or you’re travelling alone, with a small car you’ll have enough, whereas if you’re going in a group things change.  

But don’t worry, because at Record go we have cars of all kinds to suit the requirements of every one of our clients.  


  2. I’m about to choose my car, but I don’t know what rate to choose.  


This is one of the most frequently asked questions about car hire. Here’s what you need to know. At Record go we have three rates to choose from depending on the features you need: Go Easy, Go Flat and Just Go. The first two are basic cover with excess, with a full-empty or full-full tank return system, respectively. While the Just Go includes Total Comfort cover, without excess, so you can forget about everything and have a worry-free trip.   


  3. When do I pick up and return my vehicle?  


With Record go collecting and returning your car is no problem. Come for it during office hours from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., or outside office hours, from 11:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. And return it whenever you like. You have 24 hours available!  


  4. Can I have additional expenses on returning my vehicle?  


That depends on you alone! Our team will check the vehicle before delivering it to you and will write down all the possible damage it may have, so that when you return it you don’t have to worry about anything. In the same way we’ll need the vehicle to be returned clean and with the fuel tank in the state stipulated for the rate that you’ve chosen. Apart from that, no worries! Travel with peace of mind with Record go!  


Still have frequently asked questions about car hire to be resolved? Please feel free to contact us! Don’t hesitate. Visit our website and learn a little more about our vehicles and rental rates.   

Have a good trip! 


 frequently asked questions about car hire