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What is car hire excess?


When it comes to the car rental market car hire excess can be about anything. Excess of renting, excess of companies in the sector, excess of demand. Well the issue of car hire excess is about extra charges on a car hire service. It is given to a car hire user when the car is damaged or stolen whilst on their hands. It can be an accident but they’d have to take responsibilities. These economical responsibilities are the car hire excess.

When you go on a trip and decide to rent a car, you know you are going to have to cope with several expenses and payments that we think are under our control. However you always think of the best situation, we try not to consider the worst case scenario which would lead to car hire excess.

In the end you have to think about car rental as a responsibility as well as a facility wherever you go. If you are new on the adventure of renting a car and want to know more about the excess and how to avoid it, keep reading.


Why is car hire excess still going on?


Car hire excess is already part of the business. It’s not a condition or a mandatory thing you will have to cope with when you become a client of an agency. But it is definitely one of the principal issues you have to take into account and manage beforehand no matter the period of time or the destination of your trip.

As we have said in other posts, cars are very expensive goods and in this market they are our main characters, our products. So everything we do surrounds them and protects them over anything, so vehicle excess is one of those. We and any other company trust the people who use the service. But accidents happen and we can’t ignore them and the statistics, the facts.


Something to think about: Rate of car rental without excess


On the other hand, despite knowing about the excess a lot of people still do car hire thinking only on the right and proper expenses: the fee, the fuel, the parking, etc. For this reason many clients don’t bother on insurances and worrying beforehand, therefore car hire excess happens a lot more than it should. Paying an extra money to avoid vehicle excess should be seen as saving money for yourself in the worst case.

  • No excess

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How to avoid car hire excess


  • Being responsible from the beginning is the best car hire excessTake care of the car as if it were yours’. Although sometimes it not only depends on you. Thefts are also included in car rental policies.
  • Considering the worst case scenario always, counting on an extra money that you would have to expend. That way there will be no surprises, hence no excess.
  • Hiring a comprehensive coverage beforehand you cover every possible vehicle excess.
  • It’s always recommended to look and compare between different companies in order to get the most suitable and profitable service for yourself, in this case to avoid as far as possible a vehicle excess. However, finding the perfect service does not always happen. Sometimes because of the destination or due to the season you are traveling on. Not every company works everywhere at any time. So, in case you aren’t sure you found a service where you feel totally out of car rental excess danger, look for independent insurances. In the end, the excess only affects you, but it’s possible! A car hire rate without excess!



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