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“Majorca really is a wonderful setting; you can still find the creation’s first days’ freshness, which something impossible to find in the Parisian places we have visited“. Joan Miró, 1948.

Miro, en su estudio de Mallorca

Miro, en su estudio de Mallorca

Of Majorcan family, Joan Miro was born in Barcelona in 1893. After living in Paris for a while, and enriching himself from the artistic trends that were taking place at that time period in that city, he decided to move out to Majorca, where he died in 1983.


We are talking about one of the most international avant-garde Spanish artist of all time. He lived in a sort of a very special symbiosis in the island since he was a kid; a link that became reinforced after getting married to a Majorcan lady, Pilar Juncosa. In Majorca he experienced how dreams do come true: he managed to own his personal studio, designed by one of his friends–an architect. He ended up quitting painting and focused on ceramic, engraving and lithography.


After his time in Majorca, Miro left us the Joan i Pilar Miro Foundation, located in his original studio location. The Foundation was actually a museum in which we can all get to know his creative process and his work atmosphere–a center for the artistic creation, analysis, research, exhibition and broadcasting–also a place where everybody can exchange ideas.

His studio remains open for young and up-and-coming artists.

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