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There is a never-ending list of options in the vast world of bakery, but in Majorca the “llonguet” stands out from the rest. This is a typical bread roll from Palma de Majorca.

The ingredients are the same as always: flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast. The great secret is in the way they are handled, mixed and pampered. This is an oval-shaped type of bread roll, with a crack right in the middle and with a unique texture–all of it is the result of the way the dough is rolled and folded, as well as the particular way to cut it before entering the oven: we let the dough sit for twenty minutes, then it gets folded and rolled and we let it sit again. After all of this, it is cut and we give them the shape. Lastly, we let it ferment for two hours and…straight to the oven!


Llonguet, el pan típico de Mallorca

Llonguet, the typical bread roll of Majorca

It seems like this traditional and laborious way to work this unique bread roll is both a gift and a curse. There is less and less bakeries that sell them nowadays because it has a high production cost and it is virtually impossible to make it in industrial centers.

In this post, we defend the survival of the llonguet by its cultural value, quality and the tradition. Prefabricated bread is just an ordinary type of bread, yet the llonguet is a hallmark; a whole different ball game.

Fortunately, many traditional bakeries from downtown Palma keep baking and distributing it in bars and eateries, so please do not miss the opportunity to taste a delicious brunch or snack. It comes a little bit toasted, with natural scrubbed tomato, with Serrano ham, cheese, camaiot (a typical Majorcan lunch meat) and Majorcan sausage. Can I please get a llonguet now?

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