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Alicante has a huge Nativity Scenes manufacturing tradition. That is why the Nativity Scenes Association decided to establish the Nativity Scene Museum.

The Nativity Scene Museum is a Christmas plan; hence it is an outstanding opportunity for the visitor to enjoy it. If do not happen to be in town at this time period, and you really like Nativity Scenes, you got lucky because it is open during the entire year. The museum exhibits figure collections from Spain as well as from other European countries, Africa, America and Asia.

Museo de Belenes, Alicante

Nativity Scene Museum, Alicante

The very first Nativity Scene in Spain was created in 1300 at the Barcelona Cathedral. At first, it was a play performed only to the ecclesiastical institutions, however, after the Charles III kingdom, and became especially popular in the 19th century in every Spanish household.

The museum is located in Alicante, on San Agustin Street. It is located in an ancient restored house whose cistern is still preserved. For the record, the entrance is totally for free.
During the Christmas season, the City Town installs a Monumental Nativity Scene on Oscar Pla Avenue.

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