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Rumor has it that there is a hidden enchanted forest in Alicante populated by mysterious creatures. Trolls, fairies, spirits and elves, among other creatures, live in its trees, under its roots–at least that is what the legend says.

Elder people, witnessed from the past, used to say that this marvellous creatures hid in their tree houses during the day, awaiting the dark so that they can come out. There were days when a thick fog went down the mountainsides and covered it all, making magic beings come out of their refuges. These days, the forest became mysterious and dangerous, in a way that very few dared to go deep into it.

Otoño con niebla en la Font Roja. Foto vía Pinterest

Foggy fall in the Font Roja, Photo via Pinterest

The enchanted forest we are talking about is the Natural Park of El Carrascal de la Font Roja, in Alcoy. For those who are eager to enjoy the nature, getting to know the Font Roja is a total pleasure. Open up your imagination and be alert with the wealth of the Mediterranean forest and the animal species that populate it.

This is a magnificent representation of the Mediterranean mixed forest. Kermes oaks, gall-oaks, maples or yews are some of the tree species that provide shelter to the magic beings we mentioned above in this post. Among those beings, as magic as them, you will also find, eagles, royal owls, badgers or vipers.

Santuario en el Parque Natural de la Font Roja (Alcoy, Alicante)

Natural Park of the Font Roja sanctuary, Alcoy, Alicante

A visitor center is by the sanctuary and the very Font Roja–a good starting point for your visit to the protected Natural Park. Do not miss the chance to get information about the routes and activities that are waiting for you.