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Now that Christmas is around the corner, preparations for the family reunions tip off. Trips and getaways are ahead of us and, packing our suitcases becomes a true nightmare for the majority of the travelers.

In order for that task to be quicker, easier, nice and even exciting, we are providing you with five handy tips pretty much designed by a Tetris expert.

  1. Anticipate yourself and foresee your needs: prepare a list.

Be sure to break down a list with all of the items you cannot left behind. As the Spanish saying goes: A short pencil way more valuable than a long memory.

  1. Be realistic and simplify.

Think about all of the plans you might have and its dressing requirements, and prepare daily outfits. Try to make mixed and matching combinations with top and bottom garments. For instance, a pair of jeans can be worn for more than one day if you combine them with different tank tops. The goal is to avoid packing clothes you will never wear. Do not get caught up in the “what ifs” when packing a suitcase because you will end up adding a lot of unnecessary weight and losing a lot of necessary room.


Cómo hacerte la maleta

How to pack a suitcase

  1. Packing moment. The order is indeed important.

Place the heaviest items and the less likely to wrinkle in the bottom: include a pair of shoes (facing each other in order the make the most room as possible) and your toilet kit. Do take into account that it is imperative that you place as the close as possible to the wheels so that you avoid squashing your staff when lifting the suitcase.

Use the boots and shoes interior to stick underwear (socks, panty hoes, etc) or fragile objects. Think of it as a rigid space.

Now it is time for the rolling items: pants, later on sweaters, cardigans, pajamas and also t-shirts and casual shirts. We suggest you to button up everything, zip all of your items and roll the clothes in order to save some room and avoid wrinkling everything. Besides, this way you will be able to use the gaps and hidden corners of your suitcase

  1. Do not forget to include an empty bag for your dirty clothes for the return and a survival kit with band-aids, aspirins and a little sewing box.
  2. Leave some rooms for your souvenirs.

Should you plan on going on a shopping spree, try to foresee the room you may need, otherwise, you will succeed with your in-bound suitcase packing but the return will be your worst nightmare.