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In order to demonstrate how much we value all the families that make up the Record go team, this year we decided to make our Christmas greetings extra special. 

We left it up to the youngest members of the household to show off their drawing skills. We held a drawing competition for the families of all Record go employees to design this year’s Christmas card. 

Lots of kids took part in our “Christmas on wheels” competition. They used a wide range of techniques to create their artworks: pencils, crayons, felt tips, gouache, paint and watercolours. There was so much imagination and creativity on display in the final pictures. 

From all the pictures created by the youngest members of our employees’ families, the picture you see at the top of the page was chosen. 

The winning picture has become Record go’s corporate Christmas card. We’re delighted to share it with everyone as we send them our best wishes for Christmas and New Year with all the imagination and creativity we can. I’m sure it will inspire us all to continue finding Solutions for a moving world! 


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