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Following on from Spain and Portugal, Record go rent a car is continuing with its internationalisation process and has added a third destination to its operational portfolio: Greece 


At Record go, we are continuing with our geographic expansion in the European vehicle rental market by opening two offices in Greece. The local offices will be located in the two main airports in the Hellenic Republic, Athens and Thessaloniki. Both strategic places are part of the company’s expansion plan to offer mobility solutions in the continent’s largest airports. 

The Greek capital’s airport welcomes more than 25 million passengers per year, making it an essential location for offering car rental services in Athens, so that tourists and residents may enjoy it in a convenient and accessible way. 

The company will also offer car hire in Thessaloniki, in the vicinity of the airport and, with more than six million passengers per year, it is the starting point for many tourists who have decided to spend their holidays touring the country and its islands. 

As is standard at Record go, the modern offices are centred around user comfort and are designed to offer personalised mobility solutions by providing a response to the growing demand for rental vehicles and minimising turnaround times thanks to the total digitalisation of processes and creation of apps that provide users with a more transparent and accessible service. 

Another of Record go’s strengths is its fleet, through which the business is also investing in improving the user experience by offering new vehicles of varying models, ranging from city cars and small vehicles to hybrid and premium vehicles, for the most selective drivers. 

The international expansion is one of the main objectives of the company roadmap and, after these openings, Record go will have added a new destination in one of the most popular locations on the Mediterranean coast. So, rent a car is getting closer to its promise of continuing to offer mobility solutions in Europe’s top tourist destinations. 

With these new openings, the company continues to consolidate is position with 19 offices, in both residential and holiday locations, scattered throughout the main cities in Spain, Greece and Portugal. 

You can already rent vehicles in both Athens and Thessaloniki via the official Record go rent a car website, with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of rental vehicles with no intermediaries. 


Record go, solutions for a world on the go


With a strong customer focus, Record go has 20 years of experience offering services based on new user requirements and, thanks to their cutting-edge technology, they are working to streamline the entire process and offer more than a contract, but an innovative, transparent and quality rental experience.

Record go started out as a national car hire company and has become a global mobility service provider with its own network of offices across the main tourist destinations in Spain, Greece, and Portugal. This is all thanks to a team of over 300 professionals who always place user experience at the centre everything they do, with a modern and varied fleet of highly sophisticated vehicles.

Additionally, its list of locations grows every year and it can already be found in Alicante, Athens, Barcelona, Bilbao, Ibiza, Lisbon, Madrid, Malaga, Mallorca, Menorca, Porto, Thessaloniki, Seville, and Valencia.