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Record go rent a car

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We are waiting for you in Sardinia! You can now book your car hire at Cagliari airport with Record go Mobility. Our opening date in Cagliari is 15th June, we are waiting for you!



After having car rental offices in Spain, Portugal or Greece, now Record go will also have offices in Italy. 

Specifically, we are pleased to announce the new opening of our new Record go office in the beautiful city of Cagliari. This new location on the island of Sardinia offers our customers the opportunity to explore this Italian region by rental car.  

The new Record go office is located around the airport of Cagliari – Elmas (CAG). The opening of this new office in Cagliari will allow us to offer a quality service to our customers on the island of Sardinia. Our fleet of rental vehicles includes a wide variety of vehicles, from small economy cars to family or premium vehicles. We also offer a wide range of additional services to make car hire in Cagliari even easier, more convenient and flexible for our customers.  


Tour the island of Sardinia with the cheapest car hire in Cagliari  


Cagliari is a city full of history and culture. This city is known for its crystal clear beaches and stunning mountain scenery. With the flexibility offered by car hire in Sardinia, visitors to Cagliari can explore the region at their own pace with one of our vehicles, discovering the most beautiful and fascinating places on the island with full autonomy and freedom.  

We are committed to customer satisfaction, and our aim is to make car hire in Cagliari an easy and hassle-free experience. Our customer service team is always on hand to assist our customers at any time, from booking to delivery of the vehicle. We make sure our customers get the right vehicle for their needs, and we make sure they are completely satisfied with our service.     

We have been preparing for this moment and are excited to open our doors to our customers in Italy!    

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