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This season, Record Go premiers new fleet and you get to drive them for the first time. If you are planning on renting a vehicle in one of our airport offices from March on, you very likely to get a brand-new vehicle or an almost-brand-new. We have been striving hard to make sure our customers get a good taste of a fleet full of top-notch, recently-released makes and models for you all to relish in this 2014. Such a great pleasure for you to enjoy greatly!

Furthermore, there is new stuff to our offer. You do not want to miss what nobody else can offer you: we are premiering Guaranteed Model vehicles. Let us break this down for you: search and select, within our list of vehicle rates in our Record Go website, the new models, namely K1, K2 and K3. By doing so, you will be guaranteed the model for sure. Although we say model, we should actually say treats because we are offering the following:

Category K1 is the bran-new BMW X1 model, an efficient, elegant, flexible SUV. This vehicle releases very low CO2 emissions, with a BMW 4-wheel drive called xDrive. This provides safety in each and every road’s curve. Besides, this is a very comfortable vehicle for his size, which is a little bit more compact than the other BMW X series. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of them, don’t you agree?

Grupo K1: Modelo Garantizado BMW X1

Category K1: Guaranteed model BMW X1

Category K2 is the brand-new Volkswagen Tiguan. We are also in the presence of a very urban, sleek-looking SUV that is driven very comfortably on every type of surface due to its versatility.


Category K2: Guaranteed model Volskwagen Tiguan

Category K3 is the latest version of the Mercedes Class B, a vehicle with a great personality, elegant and versatile—and most important, with the Mercedes warranty. This is a spacious vehicle that offers a whole lot of possibilities for your journey.

Grupo K3: Modelo Garantizado Mercedes Clase B

Category K3: Guaranteed model Mercedes Class B

So, remember, when you make your reservation for one of the K categories, we guarantee that you will be driving brand-new, luxurious vehicles with Record Go.

One-of-a-kind offer for one-of-a-kind vehicles!