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Is rent a car Spain under 25 possible?


You are 18, already got your license but can’t rent a car. Rent a car Spain under 25 should be an option. Traveling is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer, that’s why everyone should do it from as soon as possible. The more places you go the more you will learn. Well, don’t worry because rent a car Spain under 25 is possible.

Generally, every car rental company has always preferred to ensure their cars are safe by setting a minimum age company. However, some of them have come to realize that most young people in Spain get their driving license being 18, which means by 25 they have 7 years of experience and responsibility within a car.

Of course responsibility and maturity are essential for renting a car, that’s one of the main reasons why rent a car Spain under 25 is not very common. But considering that in some countries people start driving at the age of 16, isn’t 25 excessive for renting a car? To rent a car is starting to spread more and more after observing how this kind of tourism keeps growing every year around the peninsula.


What to hire a vehicle Spain under 25 is like


To rent a car  is achievable under different terms and conditions as usual. If you are under this age, having your driving license won’t be enough. First you will have to assume you are going to pay more than over 25 drivers. Of course, take into account when you rent a car most companies aren’t willing to let you have a high category car, these are too expensive for them to take the risk.

The policy of a minimum age is still on to hire a vehicle, being the legal age to rent a car from 21 on. Why 21? Probably for being the average legal age worldwide. There are even agencies to rent a car Spain under 25 where they already allow 18 year old drivers to rent their cars. To rent a car Spain they set specific rules, terms and conditions to make sure someone takes responsibility if anything happened.


Requirements to rent a car Spain under 25


Either if you rent a car in Spain or not you will always be required a minimum of 1 year experience driving. No matter the age, they need a guarantee that you have driven enough to know what you are doing and how to take care of a car.

However, if you are going to rent a car Spain under 25 you are going to pay an extra tax called ‘young driver’; and if you don’t have a minimum of a year experience driving be ready to pay another tax called ‘novel driver’. Either way, when you rent a car it is a fact that they are going to charge you more money than the usual. 

You will need a credit or a debit card. To rent a car this is mandatory, you won’t be able to rent a car without a credit card. They consider less age as less experience, hence more risk. Therefore, they need a deposit as an insurance to make sure anything will be paid or covered.


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