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The word Almudaina comes from the Arabic and it means fortress outside the wall, and it was a very important defensive spot.

The Almudaina was the headquarters of the independent kingdom of Majorca during the kingdoms of James II, Sancho 1 and James III until it passed to Pedro IV, from the kingdom of Aragon. The current castle is the result of the modification of the Muslim fortress started in 1281.

Palace of the Almudaina

The Royal Palace of the Almudaina shows the important power of the Majorcan kings and the history of the kingdom. The construction is formed by a rectangular fortified tower that was home to the King’s Palace, the Queen’s Palace, a chamber named Tinell, the Chapel and the patios. The decoration of numerous tapestries and the furniture from different historic monuments stand out from the rest.

In the present moment, the palace is home to the King of Spain, as a residence for official events during the summertime.

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