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A jar of sangria, boss! It is very likely for you to have heard that statement here and there in our country, since sangria es the most international Spanish alcoholic beverage. It is served cold and the way it is taken, it equals to party and joy atmosphere for almost everybody. This beverage is usually far away from protocols and tags.



It is based on wine (the more wine, the better the result), natural sliced fruit (not too ripe and pieces not too big), sugar (better diluted syrup-style) and some liquor–you better watch it before you get wasted because it feels so good! Refreshing, spiced and a little bit sweet-the sangria is nothing but a blessing for the summertime. As a matter of fact, it can be found all over the place in that period of time. The secret is in the quality of the ingredients and its maceration, which has to be patiently done in order for the flavors to properly mix.
In the last few days, and after years of negotiations, The European Union has issued the exclusive designation of “sangria” to this beverage produced in Spain and Portugal. From this moment on, the sangria is 100% typical Spanish. Other countries will be allowed to produce it but will not be able to use the word sangria.

We invite you to have a joyful little sip of sangria (way better in good company), but remember to always drink responsibly.