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As the year comes to an end and winter approaches, we often find ourselves dreaming of all the trips we could take in the new year. Think about it – we’re sure that over the last few days you’ve asked yourself about where the best travel destinations might be in 2022.  

Even if we’re just finishing up planning where to go with the kids for Christmas, organising our next weekend trip, or perhaps even a couple’s getaway for Valentine’s Day, what’s for sure is that our real focus is set (perhaps even unconsciously) on a much more expansive holiday season closer to spring and summer. 

All this makes it the perfect time to get your next trip booked for 2022 – especially when you consider all the great Black Friday deals and other promotions on offer right now. And, to clear up any doubts you might have, we guarantee that our suggestions are all destinations offering the best value for money for anyone looking to travel around Spain and Portugal in 2022.  

What’s more, we’ve also taken into consideration all the ins and outs of travelling during the COVID-19 health crisis and taken care to ensure that you can enjoy a safe, calm and flexible trip. 



Discover suggestions for travel destinations offering the best value for money in 2022: a route through towns and villages 


We’re kicking off our recommendations with a series of the most intimate and little-known routes, all capable of showing you the great touristic wealth of inland Spain that you might not have been aware of before. 


  • A route through charming Spanish towns. This route runs through treasures such as Bárcena Mayor, in Cantabria, continues through Valverde de los Arroyos in Guadalajara and finally passes through Anento (Zaragoza) or Guadalest in Alicante. Just think of the delicious cuisine you could enjoy on this journey. And if you’re worried about not having your own vehicle to explore this route in, what could be better than opting for the safest and most sought-after means of transport today: renting a car. What’s more, if you need a vehicle for your daily commute as well as for travelling, long-term car rentals are the perfect solution – all at the most affordable prices. And this route through the towns and villages of Spain is the ideal plan for your holidays next year. 
  • Follow the route through five charming towns in Malaga. Visit the Torcal de Antequera; try everything there is to do in Marbella; visit Nerja, the great setting of the ‘Verano Azul’ series; or discover the unmissable sites to see in Ronda. 
  • Discover charming towns in Catalonia. The stunning places to see in Girona alone make for a perfect trip that brings together inland tourism, the best beaches of the Mediterranean, one of the best culinary cultures of Spain and some fantastically rich historic and artistic heritage. 



The Balearic Islands among the top travel destinations in 2022 


  • If you’ve never been to Menorca and visited its stunning coves, what are you waiting for? The island of Menorca has been one of the most popular destinations for travellers in the last year. Land in Mahón, pick up your rental car in Menorca and hit the road to travel around the island at your own pace, discovering unforgettable surprises such as everything there is to see in Binibeca, one of the most beautiful corners of the Balearic Islands, or the very best coves of Menorca. 
  • Discover Mallorcan traditions, the Palma Cathedral or the most incredible beaches on the island. Car rental at Mallorca airport. 
  • Ibiza as a destination for relaxation and tranquillity. Yes, you read that right. We know that when you think of Ibiza, you think of sun, beaches and partying – but we promise you that if you choose Ibiza for your next holiday in 2022, perhaps even for your Easter break, you’re guaranteed to be heading into spring with all your energy fully restored. 



Lisbon and Porto in the annual ranking of travel trends for the next year 


  • Route through the castles of Sintra. Lisbon has a special charm, but beyond the capital, it’s well worth making the most of your stay in the city to visit the unmissable sites located around Sintra: Palácio da Pena, Quinta da Regaleira, Castelo dos Mouros and the Sintra Palacio Nacional are all must-sees for anyone paying a visit to this destination in 2022. 
  • Day trips around the most stately and bucolic Porto. While you enjoy your stay in Porto, what could be better than planning a truly original trip to visit the wineries of Vila Nova de Gaia, stroll along the river, admire panoramic views of the region from the heights in a cable car or explore nature reserves like the Biological Park. Without a doubt, this is an ideal trip for those travelling with children. 



Other ideas for 2022 travel destinations 


Of course, we haven’t forgotten the usual, classic and most popular destinations. Because, the truth is that choosing to go back to Madrid or travelling to Barcelona are guaranteed hits; both for the wide range of culture offered in these two great cities and for their selection of leisure activities to enjoy and unmissable sights to see. 

  • You already know what to do: book your car rental from Madrid Airport (T1 and T4) or your Madrid long-term rental and set off on your own route, not just around the capital – but through all its neighbouring towns and villages! Discover everything there is to see in Chinchón, enjoy the iconic sites of Aranjuez, don’t miss out on the very best of El Escorial, or even set off on a trip to Alcalá de Henares. 
  • And with your car rental from Barcelona Airport (T1 and T2) or the Sants train station, you can also enjoy everything the Catalonian capital has to offer – at your own pace and with whoever you like. 


Have you got a good idea of all the best travel destinations for 2022 now? Already decided on a particular trip from this list of the best travel destinations for the next year? Imagine how much easier, more affordable and flexible it could be with your own hire car. Go for it! Prepare for the New Year in style: with a great trip.