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Preparing your trip to Mallorca during Holy Week, but need a hire car? Trying to stick to your budget, and renting a vehicle is an added expense that you don’t know how to handle? You’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ve compiled the five cheapest cars for you to hire in Mallorca at Easter.  


The five cheapest cars to hire in Mallorca at Easter 


Whatever the type of vehicle you need, we have the best details for you.   

Travelling alone? Travelling with your partner? Travelling with friends or with the family? Or are you a large group? Whatever your trip, Record go has the five cheapest vehicle rentals for Mallorca. Move around the city comfortably and don’t worry about the cost!  


Five budget car styles for your trip.   



If you’re travelling alone or with your partner, this is the best option for you. A wide range of private cars equipped with up to five seats and five doors. A standard sized vehicle with enough features to make your trip a comfortable one, especially considering that its medium size will allow you to get about more easily during Holy Week in Mallorca.  



Perfect for small groups. If your idea is to visit Mallorca at Easter time with your closest friends, this is the car for you. A private car that’s a little larger than the Economy group, with more interior and boot space. So that you don’t need to worry about the suitcases, and you’re free to enjoy pleasant and spacious outings; something very important to bear in mind when looking for an inexpensive car to move around in as a group over Easter 



To discover Mallorca as a family during Holy Week, what better than to choose a car with the best features for you and your children? Space, comfort and safety are your main priorities, and that’s what the vehicles in this group offer you. But you’ll be wondering, right, but at what price?! Remember, we’re talking about the five most inexpensive cars to hire in Mallorca at Easter time Don’t miss the chance for your family to travel in comfort.Find out about the Intermediate group!  


7 seater/9 seater.  

Thinking of visiting Mallorca during Holy Week with a large group of friends? Why not? Enjoy the holidays and the Mallorca coast with your group of friends, and forget about spending a lot of money to hire more than one car or the high prices of hiring large cars, because we’ve got the cheapest seven to nine seater cars for you to hire in Mallorca at Easter time! Enjoy the 7 seater-9 seatergroup of vehicles for the cheapest price you’ll find on the island, because one of the best experiences of a group trip is the journey itself. Enjoy it together 



If on the other hand you like cars with prestige brands that are considered “luxury”, travelling in one of them won’t cost you an arm and a leg, because we now have the cheapest price for Mallorca at Easter time. Make your dream of seeing yourself reflected in the mirror of one of these great cars come true, and do so with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re spending much less than what a rental costs with any other company. Treat yourself during your Easter holidays in Mallorca, and enjoy the satisfaction of driving a premium vehicle!  


Don’t believe us? Maybe it’s time you checked out our website and discover the rates we’re talking about. Discover the five cheapest cars to hire in Mallorca at Easter for yourself It’s time to get to know Record go 


The five cheapest cars for you to hire in Mallorca at Easter.