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Italian restaurants are some of the most popular and sought-after eateries. And Italian cuisine, with pasta and pizza as its specialities, is loved so dearly across the globe, that even when we travel to another country or city – before sampling the typical cuisine of the destination itself – we often prefer to look for a good Italian restaurant. 

When visiting a large city with an immense selection of cuisines and numerous restaurants, it’s always good to know which are best in their respective categories. 

Are you in Madrid and looking for the best Italian restaurants in the capital? At Record Go, we’ve put together a list with all the places in Madrid where you can eat the best pizza or the best pasta dish – so that when that craving comes around, there’s a quick and easy solution. Avanti! 


Top 10 Italian restaurants in Madrid 

Where to eat really good Italian food in Madrid 


Ready to try the best bolognese, the best risotto and top-quality mozzarella, parmesan or gorgonzola? All set to try delicious burrata, pecorino or taleggio cheeses, as well as classic carbonara, the best amatriciana or puttanesca with a wide range of pastas? 


  • Araldo Arte del Gusto  

(Calle Madrazo, 5. Madrid) 

Experts in making pizza bases in true Verona style: soft and crunchy. Classic, but truly scrumptious pizzas: their special margherita pizza is delicious, not to mention their desserts with traditional, homemade ice cream. 


  • Gioia Italian restaurant

(Calle de San Bartolomé, 23. Madrid) 

Chef Davide Bonato is the man behind the fact that for the last decade, everyone has been talking about the best risotto alla Piemontese, tagliolini with truffle and the most delicious, classic tiramisu. 


  • Casa Isabella

(Calle Puigcerdá, 4. Madrid). 

An excellent restaurant owned by Grupo Isabella’s, with retro 80s decor, a warm atmosphere and a welcoming patio. Don’t forget to try the carbonara and their Sicilian dishes. 


  • Casa Marco

One of the best trattorias in Madrid with simple, classic pasta dishes that are simply delicious. They also usually have a good menu for meats and exquisite, traditional Italian desserts. 


  • Da Giuseppina

(Calle Trafalgar, 17. Madrid) 

Traditional cuisine breathing new life into recipes largely from Sicily. Its Sardinian dishes are a delight for the palate, enhanced by a warm, homemade atmosphere: Campidanese pasta, various cheeses, delicious bolognese – and everything seasoned with the island’s famous saffron. 


  • Pante

(Calle de Villanueva, 21. Madrid) 

This young Italian restaurant, with a modern, minimalist vibe, fuses Arabic ingredients with Sicilian cuisine, while its Italian cuisine puts fresh catches from the Mediterranean Sea centre stage. As such, its carpaccios (sea bass and red prawn, for example) stand out on the menu, though it also offers a selection of exquisite pasta dishes. An experience of diverse flavours, paired with a great menu of Italian wines. 


  • Emma y Julia

(Cava Baja, 19. Madrid) 

Located in the La Latina area, this Italian restaurant is a must-visit for this neighbourhood. Especially if you want to try some truly spectacular, delicious pizzas. Pair it with a plate of ravioli for an even better experience! 


  • Fokacha trattoria

(Plaza del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 3. Madrid) 

Moving away from traditional, purist recipes, if you want something different – an original, but delicious adaptation of Italian dishes, made with a great deal of care – you’ll love Fokacha. Creative Italian cuisine that fuses Italian recipes with Spanish dishes and ingredients, with outstanding results. And an extensive menu to suit everyone’s tastes. 


  • Osteria Ladroni

(Vía de las Dos Castillas, 9B, door 2 in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid) 

One of the best Italian restaurants in Madrid can be found in Pozuelo. It has always been one of the top restaurants to bear in mind. Cooking with the best products, its chef, Charly Roux, manages this osteria, fussing over the pasta and all the ingredients, and taking care of every last detail to ensure that this fusion and creativity offers diners a unique experience. 


  • La Tavernetta del Pirata


(Calle de Santa Engracia, 26. Madrid)  

Without a doubt, one of the best places in Madrid to sample Italian dishes with ingredients caught at sea. This Italian tavern in Madrid’s Little Italy, offering up incredibly delicious antipasti (or tapas) and dishes typical of Naples, with the scent of the sea and its seafood cuisine, is a must. 


We’re sure that after reading this list of top Italian restaurants in Madrid put together by the team at Record Go, you’ll be itching to try at least one of the dishes featured. So, plan your getaway to Madrid now with the excuse of trying one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. And make the most of the opportunity by planning a route around the outskirts of the city with one of our deals on rental cars at Madrid airport or Atocha station Car Hire. 


Plan what to do in Madrid and try one of the best Italian restaurants in the capital