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Are you looking for things to do in Seville? Would you like to get a fun general overview of your best available options? Do you like the idea of learning what Sevilla has to offer without you having to waste much time doing research? In that case, you have found the perfect article!

Read through the following sections for all the best ideas with the least amount of fluff:

Absolutely mandatory places to visit in Seville

When you’re looking to check the most popular touristic attractions in Seville, start with the historic center by visiting the Catedral de Sevilla – and while you’re in that area, use the same ticket to go see the nearby Iglesia Colegial del Salvador.

While exploring the historic center, it’s also worth visiting the Town Hall (locally known as Ayuntamiento) whose building looks like an intricate sculpture that you can spend hours contemplating without getting bored.

From there, spiral outwards and go to Real Alcázar to witness an incredible medieval fortress, then go enjoy Parque de María Luisa and Plaza de España, where for a moment you may wonder if you’re in Venice or if you’re in a dream until you remember you’re actually in Spain.

Then go walk around Barrio Santa Cruz to see what a quintessential Sevillan neighborhood looks like, and make sure to have time to spend at the Museo de Bellas Artes (which happens to be located in an impressive monastery); if you enjoy the fine arts, you cannot miss this place since it is one of the key attractions in the whole of Spain.

Here are the top things to see in Seville

You won’t have a proper visit to Sevilla unless you visit the Museu del Baile Flamenco, a beautiful homage to the mesmerizing dance which is intimately connected to this city.

When it comes to exploring the traditional artforms of Sevilla, you should make a point to see the Real Maestranza Bull Ring, along with the connected Bullfighting museum; whether or not you approve of bull-fighting, these places are relevant documents of the local culture.

If you like the idea of peeking further back into the local history, go to Parque de María Luisa, where you will find the Archeological Museum of Sevilla, which is brimming with remarkable local archeological findings.

Unusual things to do in Seville that you should try:

Did you know you can actually see the tomb of Christopher Columbus in Seville, and it’s so impressive that it seems like the resting place of an emperor?

While you’re feeling like a true explorer, why not go visit the Royal Shipyards of Seville, where the boats were built that would allow the discovery of the Americas?

What if we told you can see the biggest wooden sculpture in the whole world, and it’s much bigger than you imagine possible? Go to Metropol Parasol and see for yourself.

If you want to see more futuristic sights, do not miss the Solar Power Tower… you will be impressed with this titanic solar energy plant that goes above and beyond all expectations.

Final thoughts on the top things to do in Seville

If you want to really see all the things to do in Seville, you have to main options: either you visit for several weeks so you have enough time to go around, or you rent a car so you can move around fast enough and go wherever you please.

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You will be surprised to find it’s actually more cost-effective to rent a car than having to settle for public transportation, in case you have no time to lose and you want to check all the best things to do in Seville.


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