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If you’re looking for Things to do in Malaga and you like the idea of hiring a car so you can explore freely and move around at your own pace, you’ll enjoy reading this article. There are many things to see and do in the historical centre, along with many appealing natural landmarks in the outskirts of the city. Driving a car around will open many options to you, which is why many travelers find this is the best way to see all the city has too offer – and maybe even peek into other nearby towns like Granada and Ronda.

For anyone who will only be around for a few days but still wants to make sure to experience the best attractions, we recommend visiting the following places in Malaga.


Malaga Cathedral, many museums and historical things to see in Malaga

Whether or not you’re the kind of traveler who enjoys checking out the local monuments, Malaga Cathedral is probably your best option to start exploring the city. Not only is the location very central, but you’ll find nearly thirty museums within a walking distance of the cathedral (including the Picasso Museum and Birthplace, the Pompidou Centre Malaga, Automobile museum, Museum of Glass and Crystal, Flamenco Art Museum, and many others) – so this is a perfect place to begin your adventure in Malaga.

The cathedral itself is very impressive; it’s a massive building with nearly 90 metres that can be seen from a long distance, towering above the historical city blocks. If you have good stamina, you can climb the 200+ stairs leading to the high tower “la manquita”, where you will enjoy a glorious panoramic view of the entire city.



If you visit in the summer, make sure to visit Malaga beaches


Road trip through the coast of Malaga. There are some excellent beaches available in the outskirts of Malaga that you absolutely have to experience, when you visit the city during the warmer months. If you have a rental car to allow you to move around swiftly, there are many diverse options available away from the city center. The nearest is Malagueta beach, but as you move away you’ll find many beaches worth visiting such as La Caleta, El Palo, La misericordia, El Campo de Golf, San Andrés and Penon de Cuervo.


Caminito de Rey, the mandatory hiking path for Malaga sightseeing

In case you feel a little adventurous when you’re looking for Things to do in Malaga, then just drive off to the spectacular hiking path known as “Caminito de Rey”. This breathtaking route is not for the faint of heart or the inveterate couch potato; in fact, it’s known as the most dangerous hiking path in the entire world. It’s a very narrow path with some suspended passages at a height of over 100 metres, and once you step in… you have to keep moving forward at all times, since it’s not possible to quit and give up halfway. The incredible view will more than make it up for your troubles, so if you love trekking you should seriously consider going for a walk up there.



La Concepción Historical Botanical Gardens and other Things to do in Malaga

When you just want to relax a bit and enjoy looking at beautiful things of nature, then just head out to the historical botanical gardens. Located in the north area of the city, this subtropical garden has many thousands of exotic trees and plants, spreading out over an enormous distance (more than 250 000 square meters) – making it one of the largest subtropical and tropical gardens in all of Europe. If you love plants and natural sceneries, this is a mandatory destination when you visit the wonderful city of Malaga.

As you can see, hiring a car will open many possibilities to you when it comes to having interesting places to visit in Malaga. If you’re looking for a friendly and highly professional car hire firm in the area, Record go rent a car will please you. We have a modern car fleet, reasonable prices and excellent customer service; our office of car hire in Malaga is waiting for you – and if you plan to explore other Spanish cities, we also have offices in Mallorca, Alicante, Ibiza, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia airports and near Sants Station in Barcelona.



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