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Malaga hides a magic place, although it is actually a true stranger: the Torcal of Antequera.

This is a very discreet site and maybe that is what makes it so charming. Today, we want to get you closer to this natural wonder with rocks of more than 150 million years of existence. Let’s fly to Antequera!


El Torcal de Antequera

The Torcal of Antequera

We arrive to this natural setting of 1171 hectares of karst landscape; one of Europe’s most impressive, where the wind’s erosion has created incredible shapes on the limestone. It all started off in the Jurassic period (Secondary Age) when this place was a extended maritime corridor between the Gulf of Cadiz and Alicante. The Cenozoic Era arrived and, with it, the raising of the limestone sediments that were in the bottom of this oceanic arm, leading to today’s Torcal.

The Torcal of Antequera is rich in chasms, caves and other underground shapes. The vertical chasm is deeper than the Chasm of the Union, with 225 meters of depth. As far as the the horizontal ones, we find he Cave of the Toro with important prehistoric deposits from the Neolithic to the Copper Age.


Fósil en el Torcal de Antequera.

Fossil at the Torcal of Antequera.

Escoge tu ruta por el paraje natural del Torcal de Antequera y adéntrate en este laberinto rocoso. Recorrerás un capricho de la naturaleza y un estímulo para tu imaginación.
Pick you tour around the natural setting of the Torcal de Antequera and go deep into this rocky labyrinth. You will witness a true nature’s phenomenon and stimuli for your imagination.


El Torcal de Antequera

The Torcal of Antequera

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