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February 14th is around the corner; Valentine’s Day is the celebration for the lovers, for those in search of love or those who worship friendship, depending of the specific spot in the world you might be in that particular moment.

You may want to plan something special, a getaway maybe, a romantic evening, a unforgettable plan. We all want things to turn out well, that is why we have prepared a few tips for you. Rent a vehicle in Record Go and…fall in love!

Plan A: Do stellar tourism!

You are in Spain and this weekend our sky shows off a full moon. You got lucky for sure! Practice stellar tourism or astronomical–find a few online agencies that can provide you with very interesting ideas so that you can enjoy astronomy with your significant other. How about falling in love under the moonlight? Get closer to the stars and make a wish.

San Valentín


Plan B: Enjoy the wine tourism in Spain

In Spain we have a great wine culture. Come on and get close to the main temples to enjoy an excellent gastronomy. La Rioja, la Ribera of Duero, the wines from Jerez, the Ribeiros and Alabarinos from Galicia are perfect examples of the great assortment and quality of the Spanish wines. Good eating, good drinking and good loving!

Plan C: Revive great love legends.

Many of these stories are just legends, others however are officially documented chronicles–all of them relate exciting, pure and beautiful love stories.

We are actually talking about legends such as Calixto and Melibea in La Celestina, Diego and Isabel (better known as the Teruel Lovers) or Quixote and Dulcinea. These are all great impossible, platonic love stories–all of them authentic and worth dying for it.

Mausoleo de Los Amantes de Teruel

The Teruel Lovers Mausoleum

We suggest you to revive the story of the Teruel Lovers from February 20th though 23rd, 2014. During the medieval celebrations, this beautiful Mudejar town recreates the story of Diego de Marcilla and Isabel de Segura, going back to the 13th century.

Plan D: Gastronomic getaway in National Tourist Hotels

The great Spanish patrimony can also be enjoyed thanks to the highly-polished network of National Tourist Hotels. Find your destination and stay on a romantic Tourist Hotel: historical building convert into charming hotels for a perfect evening.

Plan E: Love each other like crazy!

Are you on a budget and would rather stay home? Treat yourself and prepare a romantic dinner at home. Candles, seafood, white wine and some dessert will do–loving each other every single day of the year is actually what matters.

365 besos para cada día del año!

365 kisses for every day of the year!