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December. The arrival of this month entails that the year is in its final stretch. Our plan for New Year’s Eve has to be on point, and good luck has to be by our side during the next year, that is why we have to make sure we take the appropriate measures.

Should you happen to be in Spain, the 12 Luck Grapes become INDISPENSABLE for the year’s last night. The grapes are accompanied by the tower bell soundtrack wherever you happen to be and the toast we make when are done eating them. Our suggestion is to not tempt fate: eat them up!

From that perspective, if this moment seems to be something meaningful, the grape choice must be too. What grapes should we choose? Grapes from Vinalopo are year after year our favorite ones to invoke good fortune.

Vinalopo Grapes, Alicante

Vinalopo Grapes, Alicante

The Grape from Vinalopo is regulated by the Regulating Council of the Vinalopo’s Bagged Table Grape. Two varieties grow in this Alicante region, Aledo and Ideal. The bunch is protected with a paper bag that delays the ripening and also protects them from the external inclemency.


The packaging technique is a unique handmade practice that guarantees an premium quality product. Next year will definitely prosperous!