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If it’s your first time renting a car, it’s time for you to meet the car hire fuel policy. You may not know there are many conditions you must be aware of in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding. In this case we want to address the topic of thefuel policy. Yes, this is a thing. If you are not used to car hire when traveling, then you may not be familiar with it. The car hire fuel policy isn’t a thing you hear a lot since it may look as an obstacle; this is why you should be taking it into account beforehand.

The car hire fuel policy is simply the level of fuel you hire the car with, hence the level of fuel you agree to give it back with to the car hire company. Every car hire company in Spain establishes their own fuel policy from the beginning for every service they give. It’s one of the mandatory conditions to make sure their cars are always full and are not being mistreated. Cars are expensive machines and in this business they are the most important resource they own, so the car hire fuel policy ensures the conditions of the car itself. It’s not only important for the current user but for the company and future clients.


How does the car hire fuel policy work?


However, this policy doesn’t always consist on the same terms and conditions. Depending on the company they will give you the car with more or less fuel and will require it back as they prefer. There are generally three options on car hire fuel policy

  • Full/ full: pick it up full and giving it back full
  • Full prepaid/ however: you pick it up full paying for the fill up and give it back however you want.
  • Full/ empty: pick it up full and give it back empty paying for the fill up you got it with.

In some cases the car hire fuel policy also requires a credit card in case you pay with it. They would freeze an amount of money (which doesn’t disappear) in order to charge at the end of the service the amount of money corresponding the missing amount of fuel. This condition is normally seen as a ‘con’ when renting a car, which is why you may be interested in ‘rent a car without a credit card’.


How to survive to car hire fuel policy


The fuel policy (or any other policy) always sounds like a nightmare or an obstacle amongst the process of the adventure of renting a car. Yes, it’s an adventure and car hire makes your life easier when traveling. But like every luxury it has its advantages and disadvantages. And we want don’t want you to think of car hire fuel policy as a disadvantage, so keep reading. Think of car hire fuel policy as a way to make everyone be more responsible before and after you get that car.

Check your car hire fuel policy when renting


Look up and compare as many agencies as possible and go directly to read their car hire fuel policy, don’t read only the terms but the conditions carefully. You will thank yourself for doing this with time not to find any surprises later and blame yourself.

If you have any doubts call and ask, you may clarify much more information than you expected in car hire fuel policy and others they may have.


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