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If you’re thinking about taking a family trip, setting off on holiday with children, and you’re not sure whether the island of Mallorca is a good destination to enjoy with kids, here are a few ideas of things to do in Mallorca with children that’s sure to clear things up for you: Mallorca is the perfect destination for family holidays.  

The largest of the Balearic islands, this destination has so much to offer you and your loved ones: some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, bays that seem almost untouched, a host of ideas for mountain outings, plenty of cultural activities and delicious culinary offerings. So … Get out your diary and start taking notes. 


The top 7 things to do with children in Mallorca 


  1. The Drach and Hams Caves

The Drach Caves, four caves that make up an underwater path of almost 2.5 km, are one of Mallorca’s top tourist attractions. Without a doubt, the boat trip and the natural, unique beauty of these caves are sure to leave their mark on any visitor. However, the lesser-known Hams Caves are just as beautiful and more suitable for visiting with children. They are easier to access, via a more relaxed journey, while just as attractive. 


  1. Go to Palma Aquarium

Children love plans that involve animals, and one of the most impressive aquatic parks in Spain can be found right here in Palma de Mallorca. 

Palma Aquarium is a must-visit for awakening your little ones’ curiosity. As well as 1,000 different species living in the Park, you’ll also have the chance to go snorkelling, dive among the rays, or even sharks, sail in a boat or enjoy temporary experiences such as the Giants of the Ocean. 


  1. Ride the Soller tram

The perfect excuse to visit Soller is that you can make the journey from Palma in an original train from 1912. This is an ideal way to combine relaxation with the chance to see some spectacular views of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range. 


  1. Sunset boat trip to Sa Calobra

And without stopping for a break, after a 5 km train journey winding through the mountains and a stop to eat, the best thing to do is make the most of the location and take a boat trip to Sa Calobra cove and enjoy the sunset in Mallorca.  


  1. Discover the city of Palma and enjoy the city centre parks

The centre of Mallorca is home to a few sites you simply won’t want to miss. In Palma, you can find cultural attractions of great artistic value, such as the Palma de Mallorca cathedral, or a route through history that begins in the Plaza de España. And in between these historic sites, little ones can enjoy the children’s play areas around the centre of Palma: the Parc de la Mar or the Sa Faixina, Ses Fonts and Sa Riera parks. Around the Palma Cathedral itself, you’ll find bars, cafes and restaurants where you can rest while the children have fun. 


  1. The best bays and beaches in Mallorca for visiting with children

Among the wide range of beaches and bays in Mallorca, if you want to go with children, we recommend the following: 

  • La Cala Llombards, a small and very quiet bay with fine white sand. This is the starting point for various excursions that will lead you right into the heart of this natural setting.  
  • Mago, a truly charming beach with a restaurant right on the shore, is very welcoming and can be enjoyed with the whole family.  
  • On the other hand, the S’Illot beach is perfect if you prefer rocky beaches. Little ones will love looking for little animals in the breakwaters or diving underwater to see the fish up close. 


  1. Boat trip to see dolphins in the sea

While we’re talking about seeing fish in their natural habitat, one of the things that children on holiday in Mallorca enjoy most is watching dolphins swimming freely in the open sea. Several companies offer boat trips, dolphin sightings and the chance to swim near them. 

And these are just some of the options for things to see and do in Mallorca with children. It all depends on how long you plan to stay in Palma. Whether you’re talking about a weekend getaway or a longer family holiday and, for example, if you plan to move around the island with your hire car in Mallorca. 



Other things to do with children in Mallorca


As an added bonus, here are a few more options in case you need to fill in any gaps in your itinerary with children in Palma. Enjoy Mallorca with the family!