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What to see in Almeria

There are a whole lot of places to see in Almeria; a city with history that has witnessed a lot of civilizations step on its soil. These various civilizations have provided this Andalusian city with a huge cultural and historical heritage. Its beaches and natural environment have also a great appeal for tourism.

In order to help you take advantage of your time in Almeria, especially if it is a short trip, we would like to share our essential list of places to visit in Almeria. If you happen to follow our tips, you will, in all likelihood, fall in love with this city as we did <3

Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Que ver en almeria - Faro Cabo de Gata

If you are planning a road trip for this summer and do not know yet what to see in Almeria, the Cabo de Gata Natural Park is one of the most representative icons of this Andalusian province. This reserve was created with the purpose of protecting and preserving both the landscapes and ecosystems of great value that this park holds. The natural richness of this place comes from a convergence of its volcanic origin and the fact that it possesses some climate characteristics that can hardly be reproduced in any other place on the Earth. Inside de park, there are two emblematic places of the tourism in Almeria, namely the Faro de Gata and the Arrecife de las Sirenas. Water activities such the eco-diving or kayaking gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy its privileged views from the geographic diversity and the terrain of this park. Also, the place offers a very rich wildlife, which makes the place extremely popular.


que ver almeria - Mojacar90 kilometers Northeast the city of Almeria and, on top of a hill, it is located Mojacar, which it is must in a list of places to visit in Almeria. Due to the privileged enclave of its location, this city has been a strategic location for the different civilizations that have settled in this area throughout the history. The uniqueness of this location relies on its white house’s architecture, which is a true reflection of the Arab heritage that place possesses. We truly suggest you to leave you rental vehicle parked, in one of the parking lots there are before arriving to the town, and walk around the whole place. After your visit the Mojacar town, you might want to take a bath in one of its peaceful and sunny beaches.


que ver almeria - alcazabaIn the very city of Almeria, we find a fortress with huge artistic and historic value. This is the Alcazaba and the San Cristobal’s Hill Walls–one of the most characteristic elements of the tourism in Almeria. It becomes easier to understand, through this construction, the evolution of the architecture that the city of Almeria experienced during the Arab domination in Andalusia y the later Christian kingdom. It was declared part of Andalusia’s cultural heritage by the UNESCO. This fortress is considered the largest of this origin in Spain. From the highest point of the Alcazaba it is possible to get some privileged views of the city of Almeria.

Catedral de Almería

que ver almeria - catedral almeria

Also considered of cultural interest, the construction of this cathedral with a fortress structure, located in the city of Almeria, took from 1522 up to the 18th century–therefore it is easy to spot features of different architectonic styles in the same building. The Cathedral of Almeria had a dual role: it served as worship space and also, at the same time, with the purpose of protection from the pirates’ attacks–prevailing the functionality over the esthetics. The construction had its share of controversy since the people did not agree with the location of the construction. The aristocracy was also against this construction since they thought the church had too much power at that time period. Besides, it was difficult to find the necessary funding due to the fact that the poverty levels experienced by the population in Almeria at that time were really high. Notwithstanding, regardless of these impediments, we find the Mercado Central of Almeria (Central Market of Almeria) 10 minutes away from it, which is a great tourist attraction of Almeria nowadays–this is the reason why this should definitely be included in a list of things to see in Almeria when you plan your trip.

Roquetas de Mar

que ver almeria - roquetas de marRoquetas de Mar is one of the main destinations for the lovers of sun and beach tourism. The Mediterranean weather and the good condition of its beaches, perfectly prepared, are the reason why two thirds of the Almeria tourists include this destination in their list of things to visit in Almeria. The Serena Beach is particularly appreciated by the visitors of Roquetas de Mar–this is a beach for families with a 16-kilometer extension with clean and crystal-clear waters. On another note, between the town of Roquetas del Mar and El Ejido, the lovers of the nature can enjoy the Paraje Natural Punta Entinas-Sabinar, home to one of best preserved dunes systems in Spain.

La Alpujarra Almeriense

If you are interested in the Rural Tourism in Almeria, you really do not want to miss the Alpujarra of Almeria, located between Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de Gador. This area of white-washed villages, like its sister, the Alpujarra of Granada, has as its main attraction the architecture, which is a reflection of the Arab heritage of former centuries. This territory offer natural enclaves of high natural and landscape value like the Desfiladero del Río Nacimiento, and also with buildings with a lot of history spread throughout the different villages–it really is worth spending a few days to enjoy and discover them.




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