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Arrecife is the capital of the island of Lanzarote, and that has been like that since the second half of the 19th century. Strangely enough, it is the municipality of less extension in the island, yet the one with the most population—with a little over 50.000 people.

Arrecife Lanzarote

Arrecife is a lively and clean city that stands out by a strong seafaring character, which is something you can feel in its streets and old part of town. It also stands out by being the island’s shopping center. In Arrecife we find a wide number of stores of all kind—whether it is your moms-and-pops store or a large department store, as well as bazaars with a great assortment of handmade products, both imported and craftsmanship, with a special attention to technology—all of it with the most competitive prices.

Its commercial richness seems to be also represented don its commercial port, of great activity. Nearby the port, we find two fortresses, the Castillo de San Gabriel and the Castillo de San Jose. Both castles used to be defensive castles in order to keep the population safe from frequent pirate invasions. The Castillo de San Gabriel is at the present day the International Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Castillo de San Jose has become the Archeological Museums.

Castillo San José en Arrecife Lanzarote

Other Arrecife’s hallmark is its coastline, with beautiful beaches and an important number of islets and reefs of volcanic origin. Its environment and its magnificent weather allow a great variety of sports and adventure activities of all kinds.

Playa del Reducto en Arrecife Lanzarote

We cannot forget to mention on this post about Arrecife another place of important touristic interest: the Charco de San Gines, which is an area where water from the sea has leaked into. It simulates a small lake, all of it surrounded by small fishermen houses—it confers a special charm to the area. Very close to it, we find the Iglesia de San Gines.

Charco de San Ginés en Arrecife Lanzarote

What about the gastronomy in Arrecife? There is a great cheese tradition in Arrecife, just like in the whole island of Lanzarote. The goat cheese is, without any question, the main cheese in the island—there is also a great wine tradition. Just in the rest of the Canary Archipelago, the fish dishes are very present in the gastronomy. As far as the important stews, it stands out the Cherne, the chicharrones, the corvina and the canary ham, among other things. As the main fish in the dishes, it stands out the Vieja, the Morena and the Congrio. As it also happens with the rest of the Canary Islands, we cannot forget about the mojos, of different flavors and colors: and the papas arrugadas—last but not least, we do have to mention the great and diverse confectionary.

Regarding the accomodation, if you are planning on spending a few days, you can rest assured (no pun intended) that Arrecife offers a huge array of hotel offer, just like you would imagine when you talk about one of the most important tourist centers of the Canary Islands.

Arrecife is, without a doubt, an amazing place to set a “base camp” and, apart from enjoying the very city of Arrecife, taking a road trip all over the island to get a chance to discover all of the wonders Lanzarote has to offer.

We are sure that, sooner or later you will end up going to Lanzarote, so we would like you to choose the date. We are wrapping up this tourist post about Arrecife with the festivities dates.

Fecha Fiesta Actividad
Enero – Febrero Carnival of Arrecife Great variety of events such as popular dances, exhibitions of street music bands (Murgas), troupes contests, carriages parades accompanied by disguised people on the streets
Mayo María Auxiliadora It is celebrated in village of Argana Alta
Mayo San José Obrero It is mainly celebrated in the village of Titerroy
Junio Corpus It is celebrated in many places, but it is in Arrecife where it is most important. It is held in the Iglesia de San Gines and the famous carpets of sea salt from Corpus, of various shapes and colors.
Junio San Juan Bautita It is celebrated in different spots of the island, yet it is in Los Alonso where it stands out the most. There is a huge bonfire in the beach, among other events
Julio Nuestra Señora del Carmen It mainly consists of a parade where an image of the Virgin is taken through the streets and, later on, it is taken on a boat.
Agosto San Ginés These are festivities in honor of the patron saint of Lanzarote, celebrated in the municipality of Arrecife.



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