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Spring is beginning to be felt at home, and it’s inevitable to think that in a short while we’ll be able to enjoy the sun and the holiday atmosphere again.  Which is why we know you’re already thinking about your holidays and how to enjoy them.

Am I travelling with friends? Am I going with the family? Which place should I choose to visit? Whatever the questions and answers that we come up with, we always coincide on the same destination: the beach! And so you decide on the beautiful landscapes of Ibiza and its wonderful climate, which is why you start to think about when to hire a car in Ibiza. What date will be the best for moving around the island freely and enjoying things the most with your hire car.


When to hire a car in Ibiza. The best dates. 


A lot of people wait for the summer months to get to know Ibiza, and make no mistake, these are good days to enjoy the sun and its beaches, but if you’re thinking about when to hire a car in Ibiza, you may prefer to add an extra something to this type of tourism. So, why not get to know the island in the spring?

We love springtime! For us it’s the best season to enjoy a trip: with good weather, but without the suffocating heat; with sunshine that doesn’t burn your skin; the perfect weather to walk about quietly and get to know the island.

But even so, if you’re still not sure about when to hire a car in Ibiza, we’re here to help you!


Things to bear in mind when deciding when to hire a car in Ibiza. 


In order to decide when to hire a car in Ibiza, there are several things you should know beforehand:

  1. Ibiza is an island that has a moderate climate all year round. Very few months of cold and wet weather make it a more than desirable destination when you decide to visit it.
  2. The island attracts all kinds of tourists, from national to international visitors, younger people or adults, groups of friends and families. So, it’s very important to think about the best date to visit it.
  3. Ibiza is an island characterised by sun and beach holidays, but it has much more to offer its visitors. If you love adventure sports, Ibiza is just right for you!
  4. Ibiza has a very rich cuisine and beautiful places to visit.
  5. The island receives thousands of visitors in summer, so if you’re deciding when to hire a car in Ibiza and you want to enjoy its identity, above and beyond the sun and beach, we recommend you get to know it in the spring, so you can enjoy it to the full while moving around the city in your hire car without traffic jams!


Why hire a car in Ibiza?


Hiring a vehicle in Ibiza makes things much easier for you. It allows you to move around the city freely, to discover its hidden nooks and crannies, and of course, move around between the beaches, the coves and the thousands of activities that the island has to offer you. Because at Record go we know there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy every single minute of your trip, and we know there’s no better way to do it than at your own pace. Which is why hiring vehicles is no longer an alternative, but the safe bet to ensure the greatest independence on your trip.


When to hire a car in Ibiza with Record go. 


Now you’ve decided to hire a car in Ibiza, it’s time to visit our website. We’ve prepared the best car hire deals for you, whatever the date, and a large fleet of cars that fully adapts to your needs and your trip. Don’t wait a moment longer! Book now and enjoy the advantages of hiring a vehicle with Record go!


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