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Wondering where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants?

If you’re planning to visit Barcelona and you’re arriving at the train station, but you want to hire your own car to get around the city, don’t worry! Because at Record go we have an office at your disposal just a short walk from the train station.

Hiring a car to move around Barcelona is one of the most practical alternatives, since whether travelling for business or pleasure, it will help you to follow your own rhythm and that of your itinerary. So, why not hire one on arriving at Barcelona Sants train station?


Where to hire a car in Barcelona Sant: our office


Dispel your doubts about where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants! Discover Record go, our rates, promotional deals and special offers, and enjoy the most of your trip to Barcelona.

On our website you can access all the information you need about rates, vehicle fleet and extras in order to make your booking, and if you have any questions you can contact our colleagues at the call centre, who will be happy to help you.

And if you prefer to come along without prior booking and hire a car at our office counter, no problem! Visit us a few minutes from the train station’s exit on Carrer del Roselló Nº9, 8029 Barcelona.

Leave your doubts about where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants to one side, and discover the Record go experience!


Frequently asked questions about where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants


We’re sure that the question of where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants is accompanied by others about the process of hiring the vehicle, so here are the answers you need:

  1. What do I need to hire a car?

If you’ve previously made the booking on our website, to hire your car with Record go you’ll only need, your ID documentation and the booking number. With this information, our colleagues will prepare your contract and give you the keys to your vehicle.

  1. What payment methods do we accept?

With Record go you can pay for your hire car both with your credit card and with your normal debit card! Handy right?

  1. Can I drop the car off outside of office hours?

Of course! If for reasons of your itinerary you need to return your car outside office hours, there’s no problem, because you can access our drop-off car park and leave the vehicle there. After that you’ll only have to leave the car keys in the key box and that’s it!

  1. And, when do I need to pay for my car?

If you make the booking online, using our APP, via our call centre, or at the counter of one of our offices itself, it will be at the counter where the payment will be made for the hire car.

Keep things simple for yourself, and stop wondering where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants. Discover Record go!


Now I’ve decided  where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants but, what car do I choose? 


If you’re already clear about where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants, but now you’re wondering what the best car for you and your trip is, we can help you!

The reason for your trip to Barcelona will be key to answering that question. The requirements of your trip won’t be the same if you’re travelling for work or for pleasure, and in both cases it won’t be the same if you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with more people. Depending on the nature of your visit to Barcelona, ​​one car or another will suit you.

At Record go we have a large fleet of vehicles, from small cars, to SUVs, family vehicles, vans or minivans. If you’re travelling for work and alone, it may be more convenient for you to have a small car that can navigate the streets of the city better, whereas if you’re travelling with family or friends things change, calling for a bigger car or even a minivan.


Advantages of hiring a car to move around in Barcelona


There are many benefits of hiring a car:

  1. Firstly, the fact that you decide your times yourself, how to manage them and how to make the most of your travel time.
  2. The comfort and security that having you own vehicle at all times gives you.
  3. The savings that hiring a vehicle means compared with the cost of paying for various means of transport like taxis, etc.
  4. Being able to enjoy the best cover and guarantees with no worries.

It’s not to be scoffed at!

So, have you decided yet about where to hire a car in Barcelona Sants? Visit our website and take a look at our prices.


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