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Black Friday 2024: car rental deals


The best car rental deals for this Black Friday can be found at Record go. A Black Friday in Cars awaits us full of great discounts, with the best extras and without intermediaries. But, let's put ourselves in the situation, do you want more information about when is Black Friday and the offers that await you?


What is Black Friday?

In the United States, Black Friday is the day on which the Christmas shopping season starts. On that day, businesses offer big discounts for a limited time on many of their products to attract customers. This tradition has been exported to many countries, including Spain, in which increasingly more businesses are joining this marketing initiative.


  • Origin of Black Friday

Black Friday started in the United States. It is the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Although there are various theories on the origin of the term ‘Black Friday’, many point out that it began to be used in the sixties in Philadelphia to describe how crowded the streets were with people and vehicles the day after Thanksgiving. After this expression became popular in the state of Pennsylvania, its use spread to the rest of the states in the mid-seventies.


When is Black Friday 2024?

As Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day, which is why, if you are asking when is Black Friday in 2024, this year it will take place on 24 November.


Black Friday at Record go

If you are looking for Black Friday 2024 offers on car hire, get ready to see everything that we have prepared at Record go. This year we are going to mark a very special Black Friday 2024, full of surprises and offers, so that you save on your car hire and enjoy your holidays at the best price.

On our website, we will announce the offers and discounts on Black Friday as we launch them for a limited time only.

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