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Hiring a 7-seater car in Alicante: The perfect vehicle for groups and large families


Travelling in large groups can be a pain, and since we’re well aware of this, at Record go we want to make things easier for you.
Which is why, if you’re preparing your trip to Alicante and you need a 7-seater car to get around the city, don’t worry, because we have the best 7-seater hire deals for you.  
Travel around the city with your family or friends, and don’t miss a thing!  

Hiring a 7-seater car in Alicante

Car Hire in Alicante Airport  is one of the services we offer at Record go. We have a wide range of large vehicles for you, so you can visit the city with your family or friends. But why should you hire a 7-seater car in Alicante?  

Advantages of hiring a 7-seater car in Alicante

If you’re a large group, hiring a 7-seater car will give you a number of advantages:   

  • Greater freedom to move around the city, travelling all together in a single hire car.
  • Greater optimisation of time and budget during your trip.
  • Greater comfort on journeys, whether these are short or long.
  • And, of course, it ensures a lot of laughs and conversations, and consequently an unforgettable trip!


Fleet of vehicles for hiring a 7-seater car in Alicante

Record go places a wide range of 7-seater vehicles at your disposal so you can enjoy the trip surrounded by all the people you love. Within our fleet of 7-seater cars you’ll find models similar to the Ford Galaxy, and also other types such as people-carriers and vans. Here are some of their main benefits:   

  • People-carrier: It allows the boot space to be separated from the interior space for passengers, so they’re usually ideal if you’re travelling as a family.
  • Van: All its interior space is open, allowing large luggage items to be loaded in it. It’s the vehicle par excellence for travelling with friends.

If you haven’t yet chosen the date for your trip, we recommend that you take a look at its festivities calendar. Alicante is a city with its own identity, and this is reflected in its festivities. All of them have a special charm and are highly recommended.   
So, are you ready for your trip? The time has come to think about hiring a 7-seater car in Alicante!  
Don’t wait until the last minute. Discover the rates we have for you at Record go! 


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