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Hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza: A new way of travelling as a group.

Ibiza; a favourite destination for groups of young people...

Thinking of travelling to Ibiza as a group? Great idea! Ibiza is one of Spain’s tourist destinations par excellence, which is why we always recommend visiting it, especially if your idea is to enjoy its beaches, countryside and, of course, its festivals!
That's why over time it has become one of the most frequently visited destinations by groups of young people from Spain and from abroad.  
So if you’re thinking of travelling with a group of friends, we advise you not to complicate things, but rather find out about hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza.  
A new way of travelling as a group.

Hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza allows you to discover a new way of travelling in a group. Because if you’re planning to travel with your friends, you can’t stop thinking about enjoying every moment, however fleeting, to the utmost, and that's why hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza makes things easier for you.  
More advantages of hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza. 

Ibiza is an island with a lot to see and enjoy, while at the same time being a very busy place. Travelling around Ibiza in your 7-seater car makes things easy for you:  

In the first place, because it allows you to move about on the island more efficiently. With your 7-seater hire vehicle you can avoid duplicate queues and traffic jams, since you won’t have to move about with two vehicles, but only with one. And what about the parking! It’s definitely much more practical to travel in just one car.  

Secondly, because the island, although small, has a lot to see, and long distances to travel. So why not do it in a 7-seater car? In this way you’ll all be together at all times and you won’t miss anything.   
Thirdly, because, even though we don’t want to and we try not to, we all think about the beach and holidays, and the suitcase ends up getting bigger and bigger ... So make sure you don’t run out of room in your vehicle, and if you’re a large group you can be sure that the best option is to consider hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza.   
Rates for hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza. 

If you’ve carried on reading this far, it’s because hiring a 7-seater car in Ibiza interests you —a lot! And since we at Record go know this, we’ve prepared the best deals for hiring family-sized vehicles for you. Because we want you to travel with only one thing on your mind: enjoying the trip to the fullest with your group of friends! So, what are you waiting for? Find out all about it! Visit our website, choose your perfect car, and in a couple of clicks your booking will be done.   
Don’t miss a thing! Make the most of the time, budget and fun on your trip by choosing to hire a 7-seater car in Ibiza. And get ready! Because you’ll soon get to your destination. 

Car hire in the main airports of Spain and Portugal

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with compulsory free inspection after 2000 km

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In Ibiza, Valencia, Barcelona and Sevilla: free shuttle service.

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