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Car hire a 7-seater in Mallorca  

If you’re thinking about hiring a 7-seater car in Mallorca it’s because your holidays are just around the corner. You can finally give yourself that well-earned rest!   

Yes, it's time to enjoy the good weather, to relax, and of course get to know new places and beautiful hidden spots . And of course, you're sure to be thinking of doing it with your group of friends or with the family. There are some great times coming your way! And to make it easier for you, you’re thinking the best thing would be to hire a 7-seater car ...

And you’re right! We’ll tell you a little more about hiring a 7-seater car in Mallorca.   
Car hire a 7-seater in Mallorca  - where to start  

Looking to hire a 7-seater car in Mallorca, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a few tips to make it easier for you.  
Tips forhiring a 7-seater car in Mallorca:  
  • What type of vehicle is best suited to my trip’s requirements?  
Defining this will let us know if we need a vehicle that can carry a lot of luggage or not. Maybe a van with a lot of cargo space would better suit our needs. Or maybe a better option would be a vehicle with less storage space but larger in the passenger area to fit in all the family. You choose!  
  • Where can I hire my vehicle? Should I book it in advance?  
Having got this far, it’s time to inquire about hiring a 7-seater car in Mallorca. Where should I hire it?   
First of all you’ll really need to decide whether to hire it on arrival or book in advance. We always recommend booking in advance, since that will ensure that, once you arrive, you’ll get a vehicle suited to the needs of your trip. Less waiting and more time to enjoy yourself. Book your car comfortably from home and forget about any complications or possible setbacks when you arrive in Mallorca. Just land, go to the airport rental office, pick up your car and start driving!  
Hiring a 7-seater car in Mallorca with Record go  

When it comes to deciding who to hire with, we make it easy for you. With Record go you can book your vehicle in a couple of clicks from the website, where you’ll have all the information you need about our services and rates, because transparency in the deals and booking conditions is very important for our customers and in Record go we know it.   

In addition, we have a large fleet of 7-seater vehicles available so that you can enjoy Mallorca, its landscapes, beaches, and the host of possibilities it has to offer, free of cares.    

Discover the deals and special offers we have prepared for your trip to Mallorca! Access our website and discover the fleet of 7-seater vehicles that we have available for the date of your trip. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and in a couple of clicks your booking will be made.  Start the countdown!

Enjoy your trip! 

Car hire in the main airports of Spain and Portugal

Unlimited mileage

with compulsory free inspection after 2000 km

Airport offices

In Ibiza, Valencia, Barcelona and Sevilla: free shuttle service.

Free cancellation 

Up to 48 hours in advance for fees that admit cancellations

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