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Hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga: welcome spring!


Thinking of taking advantage of the recently-arrived fine weather to travel to Malaga with your friends? Yes, we know we’ve read your thoughts! That's why we’ve prepared the best 9-seater car hire deals in Malaga for you, so you can enjoy the arrival of spring with all your group of friends. Are you going to miss it out? 


Why consider hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga?

Hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga is the safe bet for guaranteeing you have a perfect trip. Share your vehicle with your whole group and you can enjoy a trouble-free visit to the city of Malaga, its beautiful surroundings and, of course, its beaches together. Because there’s nothing like moving freely during a trip, and more so when you’re a large group. No doubt about it, a 9-seater car is just what you need!  


Hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga: vehicles and facilities

Hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga will allow you to enjoy several facilities and advantages on your trip. Firstly, the comfort of travelling all in the same vehicle and not having to worry whether any of the cars has taken a wrong turning; secondly, the fact of sharing the vehicles fuel and hire costs —the perfect way to save on your holiday!—, and thirdly, the possibility of taking turns to do the driving. They’re all advantages! And what can we say about how great it is to be able to enjoy travelling from one point of your itinerary to another all together? The best memories of a trip always lie in the small things, and when these are shared with the people you want to have travelling with you, they become much more than unforgettable. So, are you up for it? Find out about hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga. 


  • Take advantage of spring!

If you’ve already realised that hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga is the best alternative for you and your group of friends, it's time to find out all about it! Don’t miss the opportunity to choose the best vehicle (the one that best suits the requirements of your trip) at the best price! You can choose from a wide range of 9-seater vehicles to guarantee you the most comfortable trip possible. In addition, with our deal for rates and cover, travelling with a hire car will be as comfortable as travelling with your own car. Now you know! Grasp the opportunity to get to know Málaga with Record go and don’t let others tell you all about it!   


What to visit with your 9-seater hire car in Malaga

Don’t balk at the idea of hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga! Malaga is a city that allows you to move quietly through its streets in your own vehicle. With no major queues or traffic jams, your 9-seater car will allow you to reach every corner you want to visit, with no problems. In addition, you’ll have the freedom of not being tied to schedules that you haven’t set yourselves, and with the peace of mind of having the best cover at all times. They’re all advantages!   
Enjoy everything to the full with your group of friends and your 9-seater hire car in Malaga, and of course don’t forget to take a break from driving at the obligatory stops in the city:   

  • Gibralfaro Castle.
  • Calle Larios.
  • Alcazaba de Málaga.
  • Cathedral of the Incarnation.
  • Atarazanas Market.
  • El Pedregalejo.
  • And lots more!

Ready? It’s time to find out about hiring a 9-seater car in Malaga!   
Let’s go!   

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