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Hiring a car in Alicante without a credit card

The date of your trip to Alicante is getting closer, and what with all the preparations you have in mind, you’re wondering whether you can hire your car with your debit card. Hiring a car in Alicante without a credit card is not so common, and it’s not a service that many car hire companies offer. But, don't worry! Because with Record go, you can contract car hire in Alicante without a credit card. We’ll tell you how!. 


How to go about hiring a car in Alicante without a credit card

If you’re clear about hiring a car for your holidays in Alicante, but you want to do it with the peace of mind that your debit card gives you, you no longer have to worry about it because at Record go we update every day to be able to offer you a better service with greater peace of mind. 

So, in order to book your car hire in Alicante without a credit card, you’ll only have to go to our office at the airport and one of our colleagues will tell you about everything you’ll need in your car hire process: from choosing the vehicle according to your needs for the trip, to the choice of the most suitable rate for you, plus covers and extras, so you don’t miss out on anything.
Once everything is just right for you, we’ll take the payment with the debit card associated with your checking account.  
We make hiring a car in Alicante without a credit card easy for you! 


Advantages of hiring a car in Alicante without a credit card

Some of you will be wondering, why are there so many advantages involved in car hire in Alicante without a credit card? Why is it so important to provide this service? 
Well, hiring a car in Alicante without a credit card gives you a lot of reasons to have peace of mind and enjoy your trip even more :   

  1. Because it doesn’t oblige you to open an account associated with a credit card on purpose just for your holiday.
  2. Because it helps you make a clean payment, without having to pay interest to the bank for providing the credit service.
  3. Because a debit card is transparent, without surcharges or conditions. You’ll know the balance available for your trip at all times.
  4. Because it’s the most convenient way of paying for the services on your holidays, because it allows you to have more control over the cost of your trip.
  5. As a consequence of all of these, because it gives you the peace of mind that you need to enjoy and disconnect during your holidays.

That said though, if you already have your credit card and don’t have any problem hiring your car with it, we don’t put limits on you either.  
Whatever your situation, at Record go, you can pay for your hire car in Alicante in the way that is most convenient for you - with a credit or debit card - you choose!  


What to see when hiring a car in Alicante without a credit card?

Whatever you like! With your Record go hire car you can travel around the whole city of Alicante, and explore its surroundings and places not so nearby.  
Visit the province with your hire car and don’t leave a single lovely part undiscovered. From Santa Bárbara castle to the Barrio de Santa Cruz, from the city itself to the beautiful seaside villages of Denia, Jávea, Calpe, Altea and Villajoyosa, to the marvellous mountain villages of Guadalest, Villena and Sax.

Don’t risk missing out on all these. Travel with peace of mind when hiring a car in Alicante airport without a credit card, and explore the province with Record go.  
See you there!


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